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Hi from the Mornington Peninsula!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Maya, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. I'm new to riding and motorbikes. I decided at 46 that it would be a good idea to start riding, so I went and got my licence about 6 months ago and bought a ninja 300. It's the best decision I ever made!! I ride as much as I can, but I have heaps to learn. So far most of my riding has been by myself, so I am looking forward to being able to ride with other people.

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  2. good onya MayaMaya welcome aboard, I'm also a late starter but like yourself loving every minute of it (y)
  3. Thanks Andrew! It's an amazing way to travel!!
  4. Welcome to NR....

    Come on down to the Sat Prac one of these days...
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  5. Thanks! I will do that.
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  6. Hello and welcome to the forums MayaMaya :) Always nice to see another girl rider! I'm new to riding too, and as you, got my licence at 46. Wish I did it earlier, but hey, I'm so glad I found my way to life on two wheels, best decision I ever made!

    +1 to Saturday practice at Elwood, guys there perform miracles, your riding will improve dramatically and you will meet amazing people. I wish I was closer to city! Enjoy your bike and ride safe ;)
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  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Welcome to Netrider Maya! Like you, I am new to riding...although I used to do a lot in my younger years (many years ago I should add!). I have been getting used to my new bike riding alone down the peninsula and now feel it's time to meet the Netrider guys at training in Elwood tomorrow, apparently as a newcomer I have to supply coffee, cake, and polish uncle Greg's bike haha! After riding up Arthurs Seat road a few times and sometimes getting the corners right and sometimes completely buggering them up I reckon a bit of training is the way to go :)
    Best thing I did was getting a bike! :)
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  9. Hi Maya and congrats on making the choice to get a bike and go riding, you'll be glad you did. Few of us running group rides on here so come along sometime and you'll be made to feel welcome. :)
  10. Thank you! Yes you do have to do all those things,apparently! I saw that somewhere :) I have been up Arthurs Seat a few times and it's still a challenge. Some days are definitely better than others! Just need to keep riding. I'm taking myself off to Swan Hill this weekend on my bike. Be the biggest ride I have done and I'm really looking forward to it! hopefully it will be sunshine all the way but the wet weather gear is packed, just in case!
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  11. hi :) I'm like you, wish I had started earlier but I don't think I could enjoy it anymore than I do now! I will definitely get to one of the Saturday rides. I have so much to learn about riding and about bikes. Stay safe :)
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  12. Thank you! I will absolutely do that. I'm looking forward to meeting other riders
  13. Welcome Maya, hope you have a good trip to Swan Hill.
  14. Thank you I'm really looking forward to it.
  15. Welcome and enjoy the ride, remember to take time out to refresh body and mind. Riding distance is more tiring on a bike so keep your concentration up and keep hydrated on what will be a hot day.
  16. You've made an excellent decision Maya. I also made a late start and am soooooo happy! Safe riding.
  17. Welcome MayaMaya. Swan Hill and return will be an adventurous ride. Stop for breaks, drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) as you will dehydrate. I also recommend earplugs, sunnies for heading into the sun, and a bit of sunscreen on the face. Have a great ride.
  18. Hahaha I have everything but the earplugs! They are now on my list