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Hi from the Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Prickles, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, been poking around here for a while and thought I'd introduce myself sooner rather than later.

    I'm Michael, 27 and living on the Gold Coast. I have never ridden a bike before but have had a sudden urge to get one.

    Did my L's test the other day, then was looking into Q-Ride and am thinking of going through either TopRider (Nerang) or HART (Slacks Creek).

    Bike-wise I'm not sure yet because I have never been on one. I will be looking for a 2nd hand one though (GPX250, CBF250 etc.) - I'm 5'7 and ~70kg and will be looking at riding to work each day (~25km up the motorway).

    Checked out a few places the other day for gear and had a mixed bag of experiences :p if anyone has any suggestions on where I might find good service and prices around the Coast, feel free to point me in the right direction.

    And this seems to be a common theme around here - my partner does not want me to go near a bike!
  2. Hello Prickles. I'm also Michael, so I should be able to remember that one.

    I used to do some volunteer work with TopRider at their track days, so I'll give them a little thumbs up.

    I'm in Runcorn, so I'm not familiar with the GoldCoast shops. Sorry.

    How you deal with the speaker of the house - hey - that I'm not going to give advice on.

    Welcome to the fold.
  3. Welcome :)

    Every second bike shop in the known universe seems to be on the Gold Coast or the southern area of Queensland, so you should have plenty of choice.

    As for the little lady, get her onto a bike as well (y)
  4. Welcome! Always fantastic to see another Gold Coaster join the forum. :D I started of with Top Rider but I think because I had a noob teacher, the experiance wasn't so good. I did both my RE and R licences with AMA about 200 metres up the road from TR, can't recommend them enough. http://www.ama-qride.com.au/

    I've had good experiances with Hinterland Motorcycles, the older guy running the show helped me set up my first 250 and they always have loads of reasonably priced bikes. The Motorcycle Accessories Shop in Nerang and AMA Warehouse in Yatala have loads of quality gear at really good prices. You can also grab cheap gear online.
  5. Hi Bloke. I bought a bike from Hinterland Motorcycles in Nerang a few years ago (2004ish) and they were great. Recently went to Kawasaki dealer in Lawrence Street, just down the road who were helpful and had a good deal on RJAYS gear.
    Enjoy your first bike, be carefull they are adictive!
  6. Hey Prickles, another goldie bike boy - wicked.
    Lawrence Street in Nerang is prob the best known area for all your needs.
    Go for a wonder down there during the week or before midday on Saturdays and just pick and make a list on what you require then start haggling with one of the boys from the shop. If you desire something - they will work out the best price in the end and thankyou on the way out.

    As for the partner not want you to get a bike - If you get all the correct gear & insurance - they tend to let it slip into the back on their minds. Let me know when your up and running and head out for a ride.
  7. Welcome!
    I can also recommend AMA- I recently got my RE through them + was very happy with it- Instructors were great and they have a good lineup of bikes.

    As others have mentioned there is a plethora of Bike shops on Lawrence Drive to lose time and money in. :)
  8. Time for an update!
    I went and did a 2 day training and assessment course (Q-RIDE) at HART Slacks Creek and even though I had never touched a bike before that, I passed and had sooooo much fun!
    I have a bike on the way and if all goes to plan it'll be here on Tuesday the 15th :D - a new CB400 (black with gold rims + ABS) and I bought all my gear from shark leathers on Siganto drive on the weekend. Ended up getting leathers and the Mrs is just sucking it up I guess lol

    I'll let you guys know if it all goes to plan and we can go for a ride :dance:
  9. Awesome! Congratulations! :)
  10. Done about 15km :p
  11. #11 Prickles, Nov 15, 2011
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    Yeeee haaaaaaaaaaaa! Got my bike today and went for my first ride -I guess I can call it that!
    Went around my block a few times, then went to see the guys at Shark Leathers (who I bought my gear off) and went to get petrol :D
    Done about 15km :p

    EDIT: Here is a little video of it all.. Apologies for the bad riding haha
  12. Charter boat? What charter boat? Don't see the video ...

    Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member. It's always an exciting time.
  13. oh yeah, too excited and forgot to add the link :p

  14. how good is shark leathers.
    nothing but props for those guys. matt's putting out quality gear so cheap and always so helpful to new riders.
  15. Welcome to the CB400 club. Enjoy the ride.
  16. ok, picture time! Sorry about the poor quality - new to imageshack and it appears to have reduced the quality itself?