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Hi From the Gold Coast!! New to AUS with a ZX6R

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ronjonjd, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Hey All,

    Just wanted to intro myself.
    Im a Canadian guy, that just moved to AUS. Im on the Gold Coast, just bought a 97 ZX6R for my daily transport cause the weather is so damn good!!

    Hope to use this board, get to know a lot of you and enjoy my Kwaka


  2. :) Welcome to Oz and NR, you can thank Southpark for our preconceived ideas about Canadians. :?
  3. hey doood, welcome to NR!

    so what part of north america are you from? :p :bolt:
  4. Good evening Ron, and a warm Aussie welcome to Netrider :).
  5. hey there ron, welcome to nr and aus.....

    what part of canada r u from? i'm headin to ottawa in a coupla weeks for a quick holiday. :grin:

    a few of us are travellin down to southport tomorrow to catch up with a fellow nr.....maybe we'll see u there - we'll have to keep an eye out.

    :grin: :grin:
  6. Welcome to NR ronjonjd

    I am off to your part of the world in June :grin: going to be staying at Prince Edward Island for 3 glorious weeks

    QLD is a great place to, lived there for awhile also, damn shame to be back in Melbourne :cry:
  7. Welcome Ron, hope you enjoy the country and the forums.
  8. Hi Guys,

    Well Im from Toronto Canada, which is about a 4 hour drive south of Ottawa. Ottawa is a nice area, and it might take you some time to get used to the weather at this time of year. Its damn cold up there.

    Ive also been to Prince Edward Island, and drove out there from Ontario a few years ago over 3 days. the mountains and roads were beautiful. I will be doing that ride again by bike in the coming years.

    Thanks for the welcome. So far I am enjoying my time in Aus, and QLD is a great place to live. I still have to visit Melbourne and Sydney during my stay here.

    Im also being a bit ambitions and contemplating a ride to Tazmania from up here. Winding my way down the east coast and catching the ferry over with my bike. I hear the roads and scenery there are amazing.

    Well, hope to see some of you out on some social events

  9. look forwaqrd to maybe sometime seeing u at the coffee club at milton:


    (hope the link works.... :) )

    we've got a couple of ex-tasmanians here in qld - i'm sure they'd love to help u plan ur trip down there....
  10. Welcome Ronron.

    Hope to see you at the Coffe Club at Milton some time.
  11. Welcome aboard
  12. You're a Canadian, that's -1 point.

    But, you were smart enough to leave and move to Australia, that's +1 point.

    So at this stage you are OK with me, after a bad start :LOL: :p

  13. G'Day Ron welcome to NR and to Oz
  14. Welcome, Ron. Sure is great not to be too restricted by weather.