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Hi from The Central Coast NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pazz, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm another who has been following the forums for a good while and have finally decided to be more active!

    So a little bit about my self, Ive been riding for about 1 and a half years so I'm on a restricted license (red Ps). I'm 25 so I don't have to wait to long for my Fulls... hopefully :). I'm currently Riding a Blue 2010 ninja 250r which is perfect for my current ability and needs. (which I hope will grow as time comes).

    I mainly use the bike as a daily commuter to and from work, But I'm hoping ill be able to use if on a few longer rides with others sooner then later!

    I'm here to meet and ride with more enthusiast and gain a bit more knowledge of the motorcycle world.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Welcome. :LOL:

    seriously, welcome to posting on Netrider :)
  3. G’day and welcome Matt!
  4. Hi Matt, welcome.

    What do you hope to get once you get your full license or do you plan on keeping the 250r for a bit longer?
  5. I do plan on upgrading once I'm on my full license. Ive only decided that I will probably look at a bike in the 600 range, just no particular model as yet. I will hit up everyone's opinions here and see what is available around that time.
  6. gooooood decision!! (y)
  7. G'day Pazz, as another newbie, let me say welcome. Where a bouts are you on the Cental Coast?
  8. Hey ScottyD, Im from the most Northern Part, Lake Munmorah to be exact and work in Terrigal.

  9. Oh I get it...Welcome Mat/Matt...

    Come on, I'm naturally blond!

    So Matt, you planning on getting another bike when you complete your restrictions?
  10. Welcome Matt (nice one hornet ;))

    Have a ninja myself, great bike.

  11. Yeah don't worry, I didn't get it straight up! took 2-3 minutes for me to realise and I should have picked it up straight away, having put up with those kinda jokes most my life :)

    Yeah, I do plan on another bike once I'm on my Fulls and have the confidence for a bigger bike. Will probably look for suggestions when the time comes.
  12. Ah, I'm down a it further (Umina), but I often go posing, er, I mean cruising though Terrigal. If you see some wanker riding a black Suzuki C50 Boukevard, then it could be me. If you can get me to stop looking at my amazing visage in the shopfront windows, then give us a wave.
  13. Ah, one of my favourite bands from a few years back- anybody else remember Welcome Matt?

    Yeah, big welcome too from another CCRider. As I live in Terrigal I will be looking around for both you guys.
  14. Yeah I often ride through there doing the exact same thing, has made for some interesting (stupid) near misses, fault on my end should be more aware even at the low speeds. Will keep my eye out for ya next time.

    Will keep my eye out for you as well. Surprised there aren't more riders around Terrigal or maybe im just riding around the wrong times.
  15. Hey Guys, I'm new to the coast (Bateau Bay) I'll also be crusing through Terrigal especially if the weather gets better. Black Suzuki GS500f, for now.

    We should get a ride together for whoevers around.
  16. welcome Matt, and tommyteaparty open your own 'annoucnement' lol but welcome too