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Hi from the Bellarine

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Yvonne, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Hi, All!

    I finally got the courage to get on a bike and go for the licence. Got the ticket earlier this year. Love the biking. Wish I'd done it years ago.
    Hope to see you all out on the road some time.
  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Welcome to NR
    Well done on finally getting on the bike.... now the real fun starts!!!
    Enjoy the roads down that way.
  3. Hi and welcome.

    Where exactly are you from - Geelong, Lorne, Anglesea?

    Anyways, welcome and have fun on our magnificent roads.

    By the way, I have arranged a ride for tomorrow - goto Ride/Event Planner and take a look.
  4. Hi Yvonne, welcome to NR!
  5. Hi Yvonne,

    Yell out if you ever want to go for a ride... I'm in the area!
  6. That's my missus that is. Gonna have to watch my language now. Not to mention that she'll find out what I really do when I'm supposed to be working.......
  7. Sprung!!!! Welcome, Yvonne, he's always very well-behaved here :roll: :LOL:
  8. Welcome to NR Yvonne:grin:

    .. Don't worry Simon, I won't say a word :wink:
  9. Hi and welcome Yvonne! :)
  10. Thanks, Everyone for your kind welcome!
    See you on the road.

    FYI Anyone looking to do the tour of the Bellarine, watch out on the roads. The Drysdale-Portarlington road has lots of nasty little pot holes which are being patched - badly - and the stretch from the Murradoc Roundabout to Queenscliff is getting interesting.

  11. Hi & Thanks!

    I'm from Indented Head (Yes, the name has historic roots). Will check out the ride in a mo.
    Take care,
  12. Hi!

    That would be great! Have to pick the moment though. Need to offload the kids on Hubby first which needs military planning and loooooong lead times.

  13. Hi and welcome to NR