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Hi from the Adelaide Hills

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Spunkmeyer, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Howdy all.
    Been using the forum as a resource for tips, bike advice and bike pron for a while now. And just realised iv already got an account and never used it.
    Had only a few bikes over the years still trying to find what suits me best.

    Last bike was an RGV250. Great fun it even after it spat out the keys on the ride home from buying it never to be seen again. Could so easily throw it into any corners but it just wasn't any fun without being way beyond the speed limit. Two-stroke novelty wore off pretty quick and wanted some torque again.

    Currently have an EFI SV650S and a VTR250. Giving up on the SV650S. Heard good things, love its looks and the engine but after an hour or two it's so uncomfortable its no longer fun. Trying to find a Naked to see how that riding position is. VTR250 probably my favourite overall bike (Fun all the time) iv ridden, just needs more power for the open road.

    Looking at SV650 naked and/or Motard next.
    Dream bike at the moment: Duke 1290 :D
  2. G'day Spunkmeyer! Whereabouts in the hills are you? I live in the Blackwood area and get out as much as I can, but am limited too much by work and three kids... so riding to work, lunch break runs, occasional leave passes and a few long trips a year keep me going.

    Looks like you already probably know your way around the place pretty well and the characters here if you've been lurking a while.

  3. Welcome to the fun.
    Always good to see fellow South Australians.
  4. Welcome, go the Crows :singing: