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Hi from Thailand (for now)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by grizabella, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm from Adelaide, can't wait to get my learner's when I get home. I've been riding pillion for the last year all through Asia, and want to get in the driver's seat! I've been able to do a bit of riding on scooters and small bikes in a few places, but am mainly passenger and navigator. It's been an amazing trip, definitely the best way to travel.

    We are currently in Thailand, will take around 6 months to ride home, all the way to good old Adelaide.

  2. G'day Griz ... wow!! yer brave ... many years ago (actually many, many, many years ago ... lol ... ) I was in 2 countries in SE Asia and the traffic was feral!! ... thats why I think yer very brave :) ... anyhow, glad yer going to join the 2 wheels brigade when ya get home ... keep well, stay safe, have fun
  3. Thanks! Yeah, the traffic here is nuts, but I cut my teeth in India, don't think too much can top that! Met my 'chauffeur' (now boyfriend/chauffeur) there last year, and my first real ride (ever) was up to Khardung La, the highest road in the world, on his Bullet.

    It's gonna be strange to get home and have more cars on the road than scooters, and also road rules to obey - anything goes here!
  4. Sawasdee kap :)

    Sounds like a great ride you are on and owuld love to see a ride report with pics.

    Where abouts in Thailand are you riding through? I have ridden the Mae Hong Son loop up North and found it freakin awesome. Going back in 2 weeks to ride along the Southern Coast of Thailand towards Burma.
  5. Hi Donshe,

    Yeah, the Mae Hong Son loop is amazing! We rode it back in January on a very temperamental Royal Enfield. Thanks to it, I spent some time in the Mae Hong Son hospital (just a bit of nice gravel rash thankfully). We are actually waiting for its replacement at the moment (upgrading to a BMW 1150 - will be quite a change!) and are thinking of heading back up there to do it again.

    Should be hitting southern Thailand in December. Enjoy your trip, Thailand is a great country. :)