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Hi from Tassie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jordz, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I'm Jorden AKA Jordz or Gunts. From Launceston, Tas.
    I'v been riding for a few years, got a GPX 250 (yes i know its sad, havent got the cash to get a bigger bike as yet, but soon). I'm just trying to get to know more people and have some fun, anyway i feel like a tool now.

  2. Yiasoo.

    Tassie roads are great till they come up and hit you :)
  3. There ain't no shame in a GPX.

    One day I'm going to ride down to Tasmania to drink pinot, scoff down scallop pies and dine on lobster and king crab and.
  4. GPX is great 4 commuting :cool: I love how it can use 6th gear for 60km/h
  5. Other than a GPX purple rims wouldn't look half as sexy on another bike (except maybe an Aprilia RS 125)
  6. i have white rim :biker:
  7. hey bro, welcome to Netrider, hope you like it!
  8. Welcome.. :grin:

    So there is a ride tomorrow, and we will be leaving Sorell at 10am..up to Swansea, across Lake leake and into Campbell town, then Poatina, Bothwell, Hamilton etc...

    Wanna join in? Prolly be at Swansea around 11.30am?

    :grin: :grin:

    and dont worry about looking like a tool as there is always a mountain bike!!! :oops:

    catch up with the joes crew if you can down in hobart and definatley go for a ride with the group. :wink:
  10. Hi and welcome to netrider :)
  11. Thanks for the welcome guys :grin:
  12. Welcome from a fellow tasweigen :cool:
  13. and then there were 7
  14. Welcome Jorden, nothing wrong with the GPX, and it isn't what you ride, but that you ride.
  15. We need to convince Jordz to join in our rides/nights out at Joes..... :shock: :LOL:

    Next time we do Lake Leake Road, we should all try and meet up... :grin:
  16. Welcome Jordz.
    It's always finances that get in the way, hey?!
    At least you have something to play on :)
  17. Yer, but i got a new job so a new bike should be on its was soon :grin: