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HI from Tas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Voltage, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I registered ages ago, thought I'd better say hello. I'm in Tas & get to enjoy all these WICKED roads when ever the sun shines. It's a hard life.

  2. High Voltage.

    I mean, Hi Voltage
  3. Hello Voltage. So let's get straight down to business - which roads down there are the most 'wicked' in your opinion?

  4. I wish I'd said that :(

    Welcome :LOL:
  5. Hey Titus!
    Starting with my most fav.. Lake Leake - ALL the west coast, Weldborough pass, back roads in the NW, Hellyer Gorge & all the others with more than 5 corners.
  6. Hi Tas from NSW!
  7. Hi from Queensland. nice to see another girl on board.
  8. I wonder why called a 'girl' seems so offensive to me.
  9. Sorry, definately no offence meant!!
  10. I know.. ever been told you ride like a girl?
  11. Shit I get told that all the time 8-[
  12. what would you prefer to be called :roll: ??
  13. umm, a Woman?
    I hate being called Boy.
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    G'day voltage. Welcome. Im suprised no one here has asked you if you've got a map of Tassie...
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    G'day! Welcome to NR
  16. Of course I got a map of Tassie - and I know how to use it.
  17. North is up, right?
    Welcome from an old Glenorchy boy...
    And I'm still waiting to hear which roads are wicked down there!
  18. I'll make it easy for ya
  19. Greetings Voltage!

    Ex Claremont boy here - Mum and Brother in Bothwell now.

    Hmmm....starting to think I need to plan a 'wicked' holiday!
  20. Hilarious - my dad was captain/coach of Maydena in the early 80's!!!
    But I think it's spelt "Boffel", isn't it?

    Thanks, I missed that post...
    Last time I travelled Lake Leake Road it was gravel and something to be feared - awesome to hear it's become a road worth riding, especially with all that scenery...