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Hi from Tan in Gippsland

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tanja82, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Hi there, yep I'm a newy to.
    Just picked up a new GPX 250 for my first bike on Thursday (being a little on the short size has limited me to choosing bikes), but I've been reassured by many that the bike will be great for me.
    So I'm from Phillip Island but am now working near Bairnsdale and am new to the area and also very new to riding.
    If theres any other L's, P's or people looking to go riding around the Lakes contact me and let me know. I'd love to meet some people in the area so I can finally start socialising and becoming a so-called 'local' of the area.
    Look forward to hearing from you all,
    Tanja :)

  2. Welcome to the forum Tan. :newb:
    Your gonna have a lot of fun here
  3. Welcome to the forum, Tanja. The redoubtable Rosie lives on the Island, too, I believe, and rides a lot, see if you can have a tootle or two with her and her new VTR-250.
  4. She's now over in Bairnsdale...might be a bit of a hike for a 'quick ride' :LOL:

    Welcome Tanja :)
  5. :( :( Come back to teh Island! :( :(

    *sigh* Wont someone move down here to keep me happy?

    :grin: Welcome to Netrider Tan!! Congrat's on the new bike - hope to get out on a ride with you soon. Hope to see you at the spanner day! :)
  6. Welcome Tanja. :grin:

    Bundy Girl and Mr Bundy Girl are in Rosedale, and I am sure there are some more closer to you. :)
  7. Hi Tanja, welcome to NR :grin:

    See you at the Spanner Day :cool:
  8. hi and welcome from me too

  9. Hi Tan, welcome to the forums! :grin:
  10. hiya, welcome. Seeya in the naughty house, or even the spanner corner on the spanner day. :grin:
  11. Welcome Tanja.

    Enjoy yourself here, and ride safe.
  12. Welcome Tanja. Some nice roads around for those easing into bikes.
    I like the Bengworden Rd from Sale to B'dale. Dargo from B'dale is another good one and has some nice bends if you're up to it.

  13. Hi Tan, welcome to the mad house, have fun

    Oh and all those things Speed, Cruisingal and Rosie teel you about me, guess what........ there all true :woot:
  14. Yep, better believe it Tan :cool:

    We're really not such a bad bunch if you don't mind childish, imbecilic behaviour :LOL:

  15. +1 and I'm male. But hey woodsy's not fussy........well as fussy as one can be when one is only concerned of the other party has a pulse :p

    Anywho welcome good to see the Gippy contingent is growing steadily
  16. Yep, we could start our own coffee night if we weren't scattered far and wide across Gippsland.
  17. I reckon it would be worth the ride
  18. How about a Sunday somewhere. (no roos to worry about)
  19. I thought taht we were gonna try and do something on a semi-regular basis at the Yarragon Bakery? But then, for those who live in East Gippsland that might be a bit far for a casual day ride, perhaps.
  20. Good for me as a semi regular thing. Near the lolly shop too :grin: