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Hi from Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bushido, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Hey all joined the forum not too long ago after many weeks of browsing, though id introduce myself. Name is Steve. Legally started riding on tuesday but have been riding and teaching myself the ropes way beforehand. I find it real cool how all the riders nod to each other. Great sense of comradery. Anyway hope I can get down to some cruises.

    Oh and I got me an '05 rs125. hehehe 2 smoke..

  2. Welcome to the forum, Steve.

    There IS something special about riding a stroker, isn't there :lol?
  3. Hey mate, welcome to the forums

    Where bouts in Sydney are you from?
  4. Im from the parramatta area but I am usually any where from the hills district to the city.

    Definately something special about a smoker. Love the fumes and Ive had lots of people comment on the way it looks at the lights, most of them guys in utes..hehe.

    One thing ive noticed is that the guys that ride cruisers dont really nod back? hmmm
  5. They don't nod back because they are asleep already. :grin:
  6. Got my P's and passed with 5 points yesterday. Phew. U turn was the hardest one and keeping to speed was a bit hard due to my broken speedo. But nevertheless, happy to have passed MOST! :grin:
  7. welcome mate, post some pics of your bike
  8. Welcome to NR !!
  9. bought at 6500km 6 months ago. Now has 115xx km. New forged piston kit plus new chain. Running smooth ( as much as a stroker can :p )

    some old pics
    Have removed the crazy orange eyebrows on front fairing and the black striped on the tail cowl.

  10. looks the goods mate, when u get a chance, join us on sundays at homebush where a few of us so called experienced riders give the l platers a hand training for the most test
  11. been looking to get donw to one of these for ages. But having getting home from uni too late meant I could never make the Wednesday ones. Now that its on Sunday I might be able to make a few (when Im not at work). As soon as I get some new rear pads..
  12. Welcome to NR Bushido :)

    The Homebush meet ups are great, lots of good tips and advice to get you through.

    Great bike too!