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Hi From Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Lokio, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Hi, just got a brand new 2014 ninja 650L in burnt orange. My cunning plan to resell it for close to what I paid isn't working out since I've dropped it twice and and put 6000 K's on it in 8 weeks.

    The second time I dropped it was because I was distracted and overwhelmed by one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen wearing a short black see-through dress. I was staring into her eyes while I tumbled to the ground.

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  2. Your story about the Hot chick made me laugh. Welcome to the site
  3. Welcome to the madhouse! Enjoy the ride!
  4. Know the feeling.

    Lady on right, put down left foot as I stopped, but head pointing right......:(


    BTW, welcome.
  5. Oh you boys are so funny.
    Welcome along Lachlan
  6. There is no need to be like that, fin.

    I have watched ladies, faced with a row of expensive handbags..... ;)
  7. Where have you been hanging out, Cam?
    So... did these ladies fall over? Drop the bike? Crash the car?
  8. Haha! hope the photo in your avatar is you....welcome to the site, you sure you were staring into her eyes?
  9. Well, fin, I have a wife, I used to have a mother, I have a few assorted aunts, nieces and a couple of sisters-in-law.

    Apart from the wife, where it is part of the deal, I have had reason to take quite a few of the above shopping, for various reasons, either geographic or language.

    My mum did actually come very close to collapse on one occasion.

    She had an ability, which she thoughtfully passed on to me, to walk into a shop and almost instantaneously, pick the most expensive item in that shop.

    She was visiting Oz, and I took her into the down town shops of Sydney.

    We walked into a place selling handbags, she asked the price of a particular item that had caught her eye, and, when she heard the reply, I was sure we'd need to call for the ambos. :eek:

    More normally, and less damaging, was the business of "I need a new bag for xyz logical reason" then, after the actually shopping, finding that the purchased bag, while really cute and all that, isn't actually big enough to carry a passport or driver's licence, despite costing a squillion dollars.
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  10. Thank you for the chuckles, Cam.
    I've got that gene too... for the most expensive thing in the shop.

    I'm not much for the handbags but my sister goes for them on occasion.
    On one particular occasion when was when she was visiting me, we were in a very fancy department store. We were giggling at some of the furry/hairy bags that looked like they should be fed twice a day.

    Okay we were being silly and just wearing jeans, tshirts & trainers but that was no reason for the snooty shop clerk to keep his distance & roll his eyes. Zero customer service there.
    Soon wiped that look off his face when my sister bought a Prada bag.
  11. Thanks everyone!
    Yes that's me, partying with my lesbian friends on NYE. The gold chain belongs to one of the girls.
    While I admit I observed other things like the see-through dress (wow, just a holy union of hotness), the main thing I remember about it was gazing into her eyes while falling. To compound the issue another rider came by at that moment and stopped to help me pick up my bike and make sure I was OK, naturally I was very embarrassed. Plus I snapped my clutch lever.
  12. Is it wrong that I giggled at the last line?
    Very well said, sir!
  13. Funny story, love the picture too. Hope you can keep it off the ground now. Welcome to NR Lachlan :)