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Hi From Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CBSheB, May 8, 2013.

  1. I'm from Sydney, have been around bikes growing up, my BF rides and plenty of friends do too. But I'm finally getting in control of the bike - got my L's in December and only finally got a bike in the last week. Have only been for a couple small safe rides around the neighbourhood so far jsut to shake the nerves and remember what I learnt over that 7 hour course months ago!

    So far I've found the Newbie Mistakes threads one here quite funny - it's comforting to know i'm not the only one that has stalled repeatedly and held up angry traffic lol!

    I've got a Honda CB125e - it may be a baby but it's mine and it will hopefully get me through the learning curve safely and without too many tantrums :p

    I've love to start joining some group rides in the near future and making friends with other female riders too!
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  2. hey! welcome to NR!

    someone will be along to enquire as to your particulars shortly.
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  3. Welcome RiderGirl, Go along to the Homebush Learner sessions on a Saturday. You should be able to catch up with some of the other Sydney Netriders. :)
  4. Welcome to NetRider @RiderGirl! When you are confident riding your bike, come and join us in Homebush Learner's Session, every Saturday from 1pm.

    Wherabout in Sydney are you?

    @MadAzz300 is another chick on a bike. And she loves to have another chick to join in our group rides.
  5. welcome RideGirl, as above go to Homebush, ride your own ride, and keep smiling
  6. Welcome to Netrider, I'm sure you'd be very welcome, and learn heaps, over at Homebush!!!
  7. You had me up 'til boyfriend...

    Welcome to NR :D

    Are you hot?

    P.S. Suck it Crisis
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  8. So the are you hot question is back I see.. onya fellas..

    Welcome to netrider chicka.. Bobby's right - I'm hoping some other women start taking an interest in group rides etc.. it'd be nice to have company of the feminine persuasion on the long journeys (no offence blokes :))

    If you need someone to accompany you into Homebush, just give me a message and I'll meet up with you somewhere (y)
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  9. it will only die when i die.
  10. Should you fall, there are others to carry the flag
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  11. Thanks for all the welcomes :) I'm glad I found this site! I will def try and join the Homebush groups in the near future!

    I'm from the Willoughby area, so MadAzz a buddy getting to Homebush would be great... If you're anywhere close that is... Ill message you when the time comes, so nice of you to offer though!

    As for the hot or not question... Its gonna have to be a mystery until I meet anyone in person ;)
  12. Welcome to NR. :)
  13. Wecome to NR :) If you're looking to meet up with some other female riders, dare l say it, check out the 'secret womens business' thread''. I'll tag you @RiderGirl so you can check it out. @MadAzz300 are you in? Several starters so far. Time to catch up :)
  14. I will only be available after 3 on Sundays for the unforeseeable future as I just scored weekend work at MCAs starting this Sat... if there's going to be evening meetups during the week, I'm good to go for that too (y)
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  15. I'm about 10 mins away in Lane Cove if you want to meet us at Homebush one day, shoot me a PM as I might not check this thread. ;)
  16. @hamsandwhich - the weirdest thing ever just happened right now... my bf showed me a video of the MOST test on Youtube, afterwards i read your post and then i click your YouTube link above.. it was YOUR VIDEO i had just watched! So weird! I think he found it just randomly somewhere too lol. Your videos are pretty funny btw. But if you see a smart ass on a white ninja with a red cb125 trailing it around Chatswood then that's us lol

    I'll give myself a few more weeks of riding then head to Homebush, i'm looking forward to joining others for riding! I'll let you guys and girls know :)
  17. Haha, thanks.

    @MadAzz300 got herself a job and ditched us :p but I still try to help out at Homebush every couple of weeks, so happy enough to swing by Willoughby if needed.
  18. At first I was like "The fcuk is Willoughby."
    Then I was like "Willoughby sounds familiar."
    Then I realised I used to live there.

    Now I'm in Dundas Valley 'cause it's worse.

    Welcome btw etc etc *confetti*