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Hi from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The_Danzilla, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Hey guys and girls, I've been coerced into becoming a member by a good mate of mine Siwagod.
    I'm pumped to be onboard and just wanted to say Hi, I ride a Kawasaki zx10r 2010 with a few mods here and there and hail from Sydney NSW.

    Here are some pics of my bike (bit dated) so if you see me out there say hi;


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  2. Awww yee welcome big fella.

    I'll tag you in a couple threads that have details on our regular rides.
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  3. and yet the dude still got a hyosung *shakes head* KWAKKAS ALL THE WAY ! welcome bud !
  4. Dan had a Hyo GT650R before that Kwak :playful:
  5. LOLLL poor bloke....so this is where your bike came from i take it?

    atleast he's learned ! we'll see what you end up with next now :D
  6. Haha nah his was a red, faired model. I got mine from a dude back down in the bush.

    So far, I'll be ending up with a Z750 haha.
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  7. Welcome mate (y)
  8. Thanks gents :D I actually miss my old Hyo every now and then :D

  9. I ended up selling it to a guy locally and he dropped it or high sided it from what I heard.
  10. Hyos are known for being loyal to one person only. As soon as it realised you were not on it's back, it would have thrown a hissy fit.
  11. haha i think it had more to do with him not keeping both wheels on the ground. They get such a bad rap but mine was faultless apart form the stator and voltage reg burning out.
  12. Hey Miles how many KM's on yours now?
  13. G'day Dan, welcome to netrider
  14. Yeah mine hasn't skipped a beat. Only issue was because of shithouse fuel used and left sitting from previous owner which left gunk at the bottom of the tank, fcuking with the fuel injection.

    8300km as of this morning.