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Hi from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rain Man, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    My names Sax from Sydney. Riding has been a thing in me since i can remember my ealiest memories as a kid. I lived overseas for many years and having a dad like me, did not enable me to live my dream. The closest I ever got was riding mountain bikes for years and doing a lot of off road riding in the middle of no where. Oh my mate did take me a few rides on his bike where I shifted gears etc (with no helmet - Stupid I know!).

    My wife loves bikes, she has always been supportive of me getting one.

    Everytime i get to the point where I am going to buy my gear and go for my license, that aweful fearful feeling hits me and puts me off from doing so...(not sure if anyone has felt this way - Its ugly)

    I am at a point where I am ready to go for it untill after registering to go for this forum that feeling hits me once again!

    Some of it is knowing I lost two friends in bike accidents. I have seen many times where the bike rider was just cruising along in his own lane and an idiot totally drove onto him without noticing. Nothing happend but it was close...

    I get told if you have that fear you arent ready to ride however...I dont beleive that. I am ready. Its just that feeling turns me off. I love bikes to bits. I always admire people riding by but I just cant beat that aweful thought...

    Anyway... I hope I have not annoyed or bored anyone with my post. I do not have a bike (yet) however i really would love to continue my journey as a member for now :)

  2. Welcome Rain Man, you probably won't get any dissenting views here, we will all urge you to get out and give it a go. You can start slowly, go down and see the Saturday morning crew in Sydney. Have a chat to them, go and do a learners course at HART or one of the other training groups. I won't minimise the fact that there are risks out there as a motorcyclist but there is also great joy in riding and life is to be lived. Good Luck. :)
  3. As cjvfr suggested, turn up, talk and ask as much as you can, read up here on experiences so when your wheels arrive, you'll have more under your belt.

    oh , and welcome :)
  4. Welcome :)

    Especially in the crowded environment of today's cities, riding a bike has its special challenges. But don't let other peoples' experiences govern yours......
  5. welcome...
    and as above, just get out there and talk to riders. Go do it, if you get your Ls. If you still wanna ride then take it slow and just enjoy it. If it's anything like my experience you'll get on a bike and just have an ear to ear grin.
  6. Thanks guys :)
  7. Ill be taking up my pre-learner course on the 10th and 11th of this month! Pretty excited!
  8. wahey, just enjoy it... but i've been doing it for a few months now and still get that feeling... it's awesome :D
  9. welcome rain man
    I was much the same as you.when I was younger all my mates rode trail bikes but I could never get the hang of it & that made me scared.i always loved bikes.im now 35 & after seperating from my wife I wanted to something for me so I just booked my learners & now I say its the best thing I have done in ages & I love getting out on my bike even tho im still learner.im also from sydney.
  10. I am now on my L's! I did my 2 day course and passed my knowledge test the second day of my pre learner course.

    I am looking at buying the new Honda CBR250R.
  11. congrats rain man.i brought a 2011 cbr250r & im loving it.its been a great bike for me to learn on. :)