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Hi from Sydney - V Star 650 Owner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bnolan02, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just Introducing myself. I live in Sydney in the Eastern Suburbs, have had my licence for a couple of years (Still on P's!).

    I've recently purchased an XVS650 (V Star 650) which I'm currently in the process of converting to a bobber. Hoping to get some tips & tricks on the conversion, I've noticed a couple of other users who have done bobber conversions on here.

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  2. Hey Bnolan, welcome to netrider!

    I'm riding an XVS650 myself at the moment. Great bike IMHO. Can't give you any tips on the bobber conversion mate, sorry, although it sounds like a fun idea. Seen a couple of conversions that look pretty decent. Good luck :)
  3. Another XVS650 Custom owner here. Loving it so far. :D

    Best of luck with the conversion. Yamaha is also launching a bobber conversion kit next year but not aware of any further details yet. And if it will be available for older models - that's another question but the Yamaha stand at the Motorbike Expo had one for display. Looked good!
  4. yer i got one as well , great for lams .
  5. Just a couple of pics of the bike so far. The kit from destino.com.au was very easy to install (probably 4 or 5 hours work but very simple, a bit of drilling and wire crimping but that's about as difficult as it got), I'm definitely happy with the result.

    Attached Files:

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  6. absolutely and totaly love it , love the guards especially.
    rear shot next .
    all that in one kit ? guards as well ?
  7. welcome,enjoy
  8. I've done the same thing about a year ago. They look SO much better than stock, hey? FINALLY getting painted as we speak!
  9. Mate that looks friggin' awesome! I just looked at the kit on their website and to be honest it looks a bit shit, but yours really looks the business, nice work. How is it to ride?