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Hi from Sydney - uninitiated, innocent newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WYSIWYG, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I found this forum while starting my research on scooters and I must say, what a great place and community!! I've been reading the Scooter forum and have found it to be very informative for someone completely ignorant of 2-wheeled motorised transport.

    I'm from the northern beaches in Sydney and have just booked myself for the pre-learner training. My work circumstances are about to change and I'm hoping to get my licence, buy a scooter and use it to commute to work. Public transport is frustrating where I live and I've been watching scooters zoom past me as I ride a slow bus to and from work.

    I'm looking forward to joining this community and will try not to ask too many dumb questions!

  2. Welcome, always good to have another beacher rider around :)

    I'm in narrabeen so I'm sure I'll see you about.
  3. Thank you phizog! I'm in Wheeler Heights. Great to know there are other beaches riders around....will hopefully see you on the road soon!
  4. Just up the road from me hehe. I went to wheeler heights primary so assuming you're around the same age (I'm 20 this month), I probably know you :rofl:
  5. I wish I was that young!!

    Unfortunately, I'm double your age. Still, it's never too late to start I suppose, and you're only as old as...etc etc.
  6. Hehe yeah definitely.

    You'll hear my bike burbling around soon I suspect (full license next week :tantrum:
  7. Really????..........................no one has noticed :LOL: Ya should have posted up a countdown or sumfin :LOL:

    Welcome WYSIWYG

  8. :grin: Thanks Jeffatav!

    Phizog, congrats on getting your full licence, and happy birthday for this month!

    I'll sit back down and continue researching. I booked my pre-learner on the spur of the moment (how tough is it to get into HART at St Ives???) and after spending some time on this site, have decided I need to do a lot more research on the manual vs auto question for the pre-learner.

    Sorry, not a question - will 'Search' first and ask later :)

    Thanks again for the welcome!
  9. I guess you're in the graphics arts industry? Either way, welcome to Netrider, and the fellowship of the road. If I lived on the Northern Beaches I'd want a bike too. Many years ago I had a mate who was a photographer for the Customs Dept; he used to commute between Palm Beach and the harbour on his enduro bike!
  10. Yeah its a bit subtle, perhaps I should make the font bigger? :rofl: Want a squirt on it sometime Jeff? I'd love to have a go at a more modern bike :)
  11. Thanks hornet600. Graphic arts would be an interesting job, but unfortunately not my role at the moment. Who knows what a sea-change and the fresh outlook on life that 2 wheels might bring....? :grin:

    My new job will see me commuting further to work (Pyrmont rather than the CBD) and I really don't want to waste any more time on unreliable public transport. Love the idea of free and easier parking, and probably cheaper commuting costs overall.

    Thanks again for the welcome, everyone.
  12. Hi

    and i will 2nd that about Northern Beaches public transport!

    I am in Mona Vale and yeah i dont catch busses for a reason, whats a train!? lol

  13. Hi and welcome too.

    I'm from Mosman and head up that way quite a bit too.