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Hi from sydney! :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SpicyNuggets, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi there!
    My names Heather, I'v been a member on a ninja forum for some time now and am enjoying it so much i have decided to sign up on here aswell for a bigger crowd :D
    I'm living in Sydney at the moment, Just bought my third bike being a Ninja 300. Previous bike was a 250R ninja and before that a wee little 50cc derbi gpr that went like lightning hahahaha.
    Currently on a P1 license but upgrading the the P2 in two months time as my previous license expired.
    Allready looking at my next bike, thinking of a ZX6R or possibly a CBR600 but im more of a Kawasaki fan for now :D
    Thanks for reading and I hope to meet some of you for a ride soon!

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  2. Welcome Heather! Pity about the Jap bikes, you may find an Italian more suitable ;) Good to see more female riders getting on here at any rate.
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  3. Welcome to Netrider, Heather :)
  4. Welcome Spicy! :)
  5. lol her mechanic might find italians more suitable....

    welcome to NR Heather :)
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  6. welcome
  7. Welcome to Netrider, Heather.
    Hope you find this forum a great assistance to all your motorcycle queries.
    Great place to meet more like minded riding buddies.
  8. Well played, sir. Unless the lady in question is mechanically minded! :)
  9. Welcome to NR!
  10. hahahah thanks guys :p
    Learning all the mechanical stuff slowly, can do mod's by myself just not service's and things like that! no need for italians lol
  11. Good to hear it (not the no Italian's part, that makes me sad :(). So you've learnt the basics of chain maintenance? Cleaning, lubing and tightening every now and then? Get that down pat and the rest becomes easy. Changing pads/rotors, sprockets, etc is all the same. Lots of resources and helpful people here to help too!
  12. hahahahaha sorry just not into the Italian bikes :p
    Chain cleaning and lubing is so easy! changing pads and stuff... not there just yet. Was thinking of doing one of those 2 day motorcycle maintenance courses make sure I'm confident with the basics.
    When you do an oil change you can't just pour the waste oil down the drain can you? Was going to do my own oil change to save a few pennies but this scared me off lol
  13. You'll kill all the fishies if you do that :( You can usually take it to a service station and they'll dispose of it for you. I know a lot of people who just bottle it up in an old milk bottle and throw it in the bin. Still not environmentally friendly, but better than flushing it down the stormwater!

    I've heard those two day courses are really good for beginners. If you know how to use a socket set and have an inquisitive mind though, you'll figure it out by looking on the net. The 300 is a very easy bike to work on too. Just working around the fairings can be a bit of a pain for a new mechanic! Girls always look good in coveralls and grease though ;)
  14. Hey spicy,
    Just joined netrider too, nice choice with the ninja 300
    Hey noticed your in randwick I live 5 mins away, we should do a ride, I'm the only person with a bike out of my mates ATM, just got my L's and have no one local to ride with. Do u know many other riders in the area??? Looking to meet a few local riders.
    Anyway this forum looks awesome I've already read thru countless of helpful threads, lovin it!!!
  15. Well in a physical sense, you can poor it down the drain. Morally and legally, no.

    If you plan on doing your own oil changes yourself, keep the old oil in a spare empty oil bottle or any other plastic bottle. Check with your council to see if they have oil waste disposal centres. In my case, the council has set up a "Detox Centre" for residents to dispose of oil, car batteries, electronics, chemicals etc. Your council might have something similar. If not you can ask a workshop to see if they can dispose of it for you for a fee (or free).
  16. Welcome to NetRider SpicyNuggets! another Lady Kwaka rider - Ninja 300 to be specific.
  17. Voila.

    And welcome @SpicyNuggets. Move to Italians when you prefer coffee, tea and sitting in the sun to actually doing anything. :bolt:
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  18. Welcome, Spicy!
    have a good hunt around the forums, you'll find all sorts of info about bike maintenance and ride days. There's also a wimminz sub-forum ... apparently, and more than a few women at various stages in their riding lives here.

    Also, Kwakkas are sweet, eh. ;)
  19. dont get a honda...i did ...made me feel dirty - kawasaki for life !

  20. Welcome Spicy, if you and/or Twistin are up for it, 87Crisis (the Kawa fan above) me and a couple of others ride irregularly and are all based around Sydney.

    We are generally up for a ride.