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Hi from Sunny Tasmania

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nynn, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi fellow Netriders!

    I've been around these boards for a few months now but never bothered to post a welcome. So here it is.

    My name is Anthony and I've just started riding! I'm about 3k in on my baby CBR125R 12'

    I'm mainly here to get better with my riding and I've found the new riders section very informative so thanks so far :)

    As I said I'm from 'sunny' Tasmania and started riding at the start of winter... I hope it gets more fun.. 4 hours since I got home from work and I'm still thawing out..

    Anyways.. Cyas round :)
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    Welcome Nynn, yes Winter is a hard time to start biking in Tasmania, but you live in a motorcycle heaven so enjoy. It will be much more fun once the weather warms up.
  3. Yes welcome, and we are all jealous of you Taswegians! I did my Ls on the venerable 125s, quite a hoot on them.
  4. Yes I am counting down the days until summer!

    I have started taking the 'back roads' to work this past month. Sure it adds an extra 20mins to my commute but the roads are worth it!

    Feel free to pop down anytime... Just give yourself more than a weekend :)
  5. Heh, "sunny" indeed.

    Welcome mate. Plenty of roads here to keep us entertained for sure.
  6. Howdy NynnNynn, welcome to NR and life on two wheels. I hear you about learning to ride in winter! I'm your neighbour across the water and got my L's just before cold set in here. Can't wait till spring, if now is fun, just imagine how amazing it would be in few week's time! With all those breathtaking roads as your backyard, there will be no stopping you. Keep warm, ride safe and stay upright (y)
  7. Hi and welcome. No doubt you'll be exploring even more once the warmer weather arrives.
    Yes, I think I'm due to head back down there again for a tour and if possible we should catch up.

  8. Welcome to posting on Netrider...
  9. G'day AnthonyAnthony, welcome to Netrider. It hopefully won't be too long before we start to see a few mild riding days!
  10. Thanks everyone for such a warm' welcome. Stay safe.
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  11. Welcome to NR
  12. welcome aboard :]
  13. I'm venturing out on the bike about lunchtime when the temperature may have got to double figures. Glorious Hobart weather. Welcome!
  14. It's glorious today, and I can't make use of it. Working all day and moving house tonight :-(