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Hi from Sunny Qld

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pygmy, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Been lurking for a while (research for new bike :LOL: ), usual story, haven't ridden much in a looooong time. Kids are virtually off our hands so time to indulge.


  2. Another oldie, woo-hoo!!!

    Welcome to Netrider, (altough out of respect for us poor sods in the Southern States, perhaps you could spare us the 'Sunny Queensland' stuff) :LOL:.
  3. Hi Phil

    Welcome to the craziness that is NR lol
  4. A warm welcome to NR Pygmy.

    Let us know what you end up riding. BTW...49 is not old...it just feels like it some days :grin:
  5. Hey-ya, Mr Pygmy, Mrs Pygmy & all the little Pygmys
    (Sorry, just wanted to see how that looked, written down) :p

    Both going to ride? - plenty of wide blue sky out yonder.

    Welcome & enjoy the senery :grin:
  6. welcome ol' timer :)
  7. goz, define old timer, kido??? :wink:
  8. anyone older than Loz
  9. Welcome from the freezing Blue Mountains.
  10. I'm sorry, wizzard, did you say cold. Ahum! I bite my tongue. :p

    Gets a tad cold in the outback, too, or has that problem been fixed, Pygmy? *LOL*
  11. that time of the year when women get sore nipples :grin:
  12. Thanks for the welcomes everyone. Just because I'm growing old doesn't mean I've grown up. :grin: Plenty of sun out here hornet, but as tankgirl said. it gets more than a tad cold. Down to 1.5C the other morning. I'll be choosing my riding gear very carefully I think. :shock:

    Yep tankgirl the plan is for my Mrs Pygmy to ride with me, already bought her a helmet to get her used to the idea. :) She never came riding with us in our younger days. She's not normally the adventurous type but I think she'll like it.

    Hey doyle, I still haven't made my final decision yet. Open to ideas though. Originally was looking at the Deauville, then my older boys suggested a cruiser, so the M50 & M90 were on the table. The decision seemed so easy when it was in the dreamin' stage, but now it is so close it is just about impossible. :LOL:

    Only get down the big smoke every couple of months to see the family, so my son a big itinery planned for my next trip down to all the bike shops for test rides. They don't stock road bikes out here.

  13. Hey Phil

    Sounds like it's all coming together, nice one.

    I actually meant was your lady going to ride too. :wink:

  14. welcome from another new kid;)