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Hi from sunny qld!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bourkey84, May 5, 2009.

  1. Hi guys n girls, I only just came across this site a little while ago so I thought I'd join up!

    I am currently between bikes as I just sold my first and only bike, a vtr250.

    I am looking at buying a new bike as soon as I can and the cbr600rr takes my fancy!

    Hopefully I'll be on one soon and out n about with some of you guys!
  2. The next person who comes on here and says ANYTHING about SUNNY Queensland is going to be severely dealt with :LOL:

    j/k Welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Hi Bourkey, welcome aboard mate. The rides section in Qld is starting to get going again. So when you get your bike, check in for whats going on, or start your own :) We are heading up your way in a couple of sundays time. well a bit short, but close :p

  4. Welcome to NR Bourkey from another on the (not so, of late) Sunny Coast.

    Hornet ... did we have a holiday recently in Qld that wasn't so sunny :?: Must admit the rain is getting a tad tiresome to the locals 'cos sort of puts a dampner on going for a ride ... buggerrrr. Oh yeah, the "severely dealt with bit" can we have some clarification on that hmmmm :?: :?:

    Bourkey ... what part of the Sunny Coast are you?

  5. I'm up at Beerwah, how about yourself?

    Yeah the rain has been a bit of a bugger but I still went riding in it anyway hahaha. It hasn't even been a week since I sold my bike and I am already having withdrawals! lol.

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone, and I'll look forward to coming out once I have another bike!!
  6. Welcome to NR

    Goodluck gettin that bike
  7. hey guys, I was just wondering why it is I can't send pm's to people or post in other threads?? lol. I wanna express some interest for a bike for sale on here but I can't!! hahaha
  8. you need to post more (i think its 10 posts or something) to be able to PM. to post in the classifieds you need to be a member, thats a $10 one off fee, you're a member for life then.

    oh, hai from cold, miserable and overcast melbourne :cry: :p
  9. What do you mean cold since I left Melbourne and moved up here I have realised that Melbourne winters arent that bad, Its already as cold if not colder then an average melbourne winter day up here and its not even winter yet!

    BTW G'day from the frosty Blue Mountains bourkey and welcome to NR
  10. Bourkey

    Yandina is place of abode.

  11. Well I got my new cbr600 today! So happy, even though my first ride was home in the rain!! What a bike too, absolutely awesome!