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Hi from South Oz

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bart406, Apr 24, 2013.

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    Last edited: Apr 24, 2013
    Been watching this forum for a while, thought I might as well jump in. In my early 50's; stopped riding about 20 years ago (can't remember why; kids, house, life?).
    Trail bikes as a kid, then mainly quick road bikes in the past, GSX1100's, VF1000R etc. So when I finally gave in to the urge last year bought a low kms '99 Blade in good nick as it was the type of bike I was familiar with, bike has a great reputation and a cheap way to get back into it.
    As much as i like the bike out on the road, most of my riding is around town and short runs. Not enjoying the bike around town, some of our roads are crap, and can't justify 2 bikes, so started looking elsewhere.

    A mate suggested looking at KTM 990SMT, and after reading about everyone banging on about them, bit the bullet and bought one this week. Haven't seen it in the flesh yet, or even sat on one (hope I can reach the ground - 5'9"), but pick it up this weekend. I live 450km from the nearest capital city, so limited options when it comes to buying and selling bikes (the internet is handy). Had it checked out, low kms 2010 model, fussy owner, Akra pipes and remap, seems all good.
    Seems to fit the bill; fun (at license retaining speeds), apparently reliable and comfy. Plus, always wanted a V-twin for some reason, but not up for a cruiser, or trying to find a Ducati mechanic nearby (no offense to cruiser and Ducati owners). It took a while, but I finally remembered why I started riding 35+ years ago...it was fun.
    Anyhow, bit long winded, so g'day.

  2. Welcome to NR. Enjoy the new bike.
  3. Welcome, another South Aussie, good to see.
  4. AH HA. another baby boomer venturing back to the fold. Welcome ;)

    You might find this post interesting. Have a poke around the bikes in my sig. too. I get the feeling we've had similar experiences ;)