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Hi from South Morang, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Pommyman, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I have been uring reading posts and have been very impressed with the forums here, so decided to join and make myself known!
    My name is Peter and I live in South Morang in Melbourne and have recently completed my learners at HART, and after much wringing of hands and comparisons, bought and paid for a new Kawasaki GPX250R today! I can't wait, as it gets delivered Friday, I have all my gear waiting and am ready to go :LOL: .
    I look forward to talking with you all, and hope I can eventually contribute to the forums in a manner that many others of you have - and it has helped me.
    Peter (or as I'm known online - Pommyman! :grin: )

  2. Welcome Peter. There are a few on here from Mill Park, South Morang etc.
    You dont swim in Blue Lake do you?
  3. Welcome, Learn and Enjoy!!
  4. Welcome to Netrider, Peter. There's quite a few GPX owners here, and no doubt one or two of them even in your area. Plus, I'm sure there's one of the 3,345,226 Netrider Melbourne Coffee Nights somewhere in your area as well :LOL:.
  5. Hi Peter,

    enjoy the GPX :)
  6. welcome to netrider mate :)
  7. Hey Peter

    Enjoy the world of motorcycling. Once you start riding there is no turning back

    Ride safe
  8. Thanks all

    I get the new bike tomorrow and am so excited. If I wasn't at work tonight, I know I wouldn't be sleeping!
  9. G'day Peter, welcome to NetRider. Good luck with the new bike. Ride safe, and join us at a coffee night or a ride soon :)
  10. New Bike

    Well, I got the new bike, and you can't wipe the grin from my face! What an absolute buzz! My wife is a littel jealous I think as, I'm spending way too much time with the bike instead of her :p . I'll write a bit on the bike shortly as I get used to it a little more.
  11. Welcome aboard little Kwaka man.. :grin: Always pleanty of rides going on so keep your eyes peeled on the Vic events section..
  12. Welcome neighbouroonie :wink:
  13. Hi Pommyman,

    I to am new to the 4um, a mate put me onto Netrider. I haven't gone 4 my L's as yet but i am booked in to do them. Can i ask you what the Kawasaki GPX250R cost you please with everything, but could you breaak it down 4 me. And any others that i might have forgotten. Thanks. Buggarr

    Bike $
    On Road Costs $
    Gear $
    Insur $
  14. easy fix for the wifes jealousy get her, her own bike

    worked for us hehe but otherway round, I got my licence first

    congrats on the new bike and see you out there