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Hi From South Coogee

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Efemral, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Or really, "Hi from the office building in the city where I'm typing this."

    I started off with the idea that a scooter might be the way to avoid all the sneezy, smelly people on the bus every day. Then I started to think about whether I should actually get a proper motorcycle. Then, suddenly, I became a little obsessed by the idea and now I spend way too much time watching youtube videos of people with helmet cams cruising around beautiful roads on beautiful machines that make beautiful sounds.

    I've also been lurking on this forum a bit :whistle:

  2. Ok so got my first bike delivered today. A Suzuki VL250 Intruder. I'm pretty much smitten by the black shininess and the v-twin, and the chrome etc. (I hadn't seen one IRL before today).

    day delivered.JPG

    I'm really worried about having to park it on the street though. Not only do I worry about the sea air rusting it up, I worry about the many drunk plonkers who pass by at night (seems to be a lot around here).

    Does anyone find their bike gets pushed over just randomly by people? Or am I being super paranoid?

    edit: I forgot to mention - it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to start it... yes, that's how much of a n00b I am.
  3. Everybody starts out somewhere; welcome to Netrider and the excitement of riding.
  4. Thanks Hornet :)

    30k posts huh? You're new around here, aren't you...
  5. We wish...
  6. Hi Efemral, yes Hornet is part of the furniture around here :) Welcome to the forum and riding. I take it you don't have anywhere you can park off the street? If that's the case then a cover can make the bike less enticing to passing idiots.
  7. Yes good advice, actually just got back from the shop with a disk brake lock and a cover.

    Can I ask you a quick question - when all the neighbours had a look at my bike the kids all started pretending to ride it, twisting the throttle. I asked them to not twist it as, in a car, you can flood the engine and make it hard to start.

    Does this apply to bikes too?
  8. Yes if carb. Probably not if injected. I'd be more worried about them knocking it over.
  9. Yes you should be impressing on them that it is not ok to sit on another persons bike unless you are there and give them permission. Again a cover will make a bike less attractive to kids. Kids love bikes though, there is a thread around here somewhere, I think it may have even been started by Hornet, that goes in to all of our efforts to subvert parents anti bike propaganda with kids. ;)
  10. Hmm, I'll have to have a search for that thread. I don't mind the kids sitting on the bike, but yeah I've just covered it :)

    By the way, hope you don't mind I ask another question - it was delivered with the fuel switch in the PRIME position - and the manual says to never leave it like that when the engine is off! It could cause fuel to run into the carb which could be dangerous when starting the motor.

    Should I be concerned about this do you think? Or should I just go ahead and start it. It was ok the other day but now it's been there in prime for 2 days...

  11. never ever let a child near your bike,,they will BURN them self one day ,i all ways tell them its not a toy fcuk off ..hard love ,, if you do cover your bike let it cool down first or you will have a burnt mess to clean up ,,,
  12. Yeah good advice... I hadn't really thought about that.