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Hi from South Australia

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Redgum46, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all just purchased a BMW F650GS and am really pleased I selected this bike or should I say that the BMW salesman pointed me in the right direction. I took the bike for a test ride on a day when we were having some of the worst weather for some time and came back soaking wet (no wet weather trousers) but it was fun so out with the cash. I previously had a Moto Guzzi V7 Classic but due to advancing years more mechanical work on my back I found it a little uncomfortable to ride so sold it to a Guzzi enthusiast.
    I find the 650 more comfortable to rise due to the upright riding position.
    I also have a 1978 Honda CB750 F2 that is on historic reg.
    I live in the wine country of South Australia so am looking forward to some fun rides around the area.

    Look forward to contributing to the forum.

  2. Welcome, good to have another croweater on board, which wine area you from?
  3. The Barossa
  4. Ah, I have many scurrilous mates up that way.
  5. Hi Redgum46. I'm also living in SA and am considering the new F700GS. Would be interesting to hear your opinions on the F650Gs since purchase. Do you ride it daily? What sort of distances do you travel?
  6. Hi Blatz I don't ride daily just when i get a chance but my usual rides are around 50 to 100ks I still love the bike and would recomemnd the model to anyone looking for a good all rounder. I had checked out virtualy all other makes before the BMW and it stood out as the clear winner. I got the bike from Adelaide BMW on West Terrace and they were great to deal with. My bike was a demo (750klms 0n the clock) and I got a great deal on it. Last time I spoke to the dealer a couple of weeks ago he had another F650GS demo for sale so if your interested give him (Ben) a call.
  7. I spoke to Ben a few weeks back when looking at a G650GS the Lams version, just trying to find time to get back and ride it.
    Since then I've made a couple of mods to my GPX to sit a bit more upright and will probably keep it til the new year.
    Nice bikes.
  8. All the demos are gone, but I would have waited for the 700GS regardless. Test rode it about 2 weeks ago now, was really impressed as I expected it to be sluggish and heavy particularly in the corners. Just another reason to always test before you buy I guess. Still waiting for someone to snap up my CB so not in a major rush. I'm also not convinced I want the adventure style yet as I'm blessed enough to still be able to easily ride a bike like the Monster Mcsenna was talking about without pain.
  9. heres a late welcome from me lol (y)
  10. .. and an even later one from me :)
  11. I haven't completely given up on the Monster, still go and look at it from time to time.
  12. One mention of Ducati and you give a Latte welcome.
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