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Hi from shepparton

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Beast, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all my names Chris and i'm from shepparton. I have a 93 cbr250, have been riding for about 3 months now and love every second of it.

    Any other riders from the area? I'm lonely and haven't found anyone to ride with.

  2. G'day mate and welcome to the mad house. There are a few from Shep here so stick around and they will pop up from time to time.
  3. Hey Chris

    Welcome to the club. I am a Shepp boy, altho living in Melbourne now. Get up there fairly often, as my folks are there still, so I will be sure to let you know when i am up next.

  4. Yo Chris. Ill ride with ya mate. if ya dont mind chicks on cruisers that is.
  5. I'm not fussy I'll ride with anyone :)
  6. There is a few of us over this way

  7. yes, we pop up from time to time, just search the memberslist and you will find us.
    country cruiser is from numurkah but would be the man to contact about rides if your up for it :grin:
  8. Gday Chris I'm from Numurkah, would go for a ride with you sometime,
    work on weekends though but hopefully see you on one of the numurkah group rides if i get a chance.
    They're on the last sunday of each month
  9. Welcome to NR.. Hope you can fnd a riding buddy.. :grin:
  10. ..... hey mate gt run their after me again... no i dont want my meds... :wink:

    welcome to the nuthouse!
  11. yeah, i get the letter for the numurkah ride at the end of the month that wheels44 goes on.. i havent been on the ride yet, pregnant, selling bike, now deciding to maybe not sell the bike , yada, yada.. but if your interested i will let you know when i recieve the next letter and pass on the details of the ride, maybe if i keep the bike i will get my but into gear and actually go on one soon...