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Hi from SE Suburbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Seldov, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. My name is Selena and i have been riding for around 8 yrs .... my first bike was a Honda CBR125r (which i loved) then a Suzuki GS500f, got it lowered (which i loved) and now a Yamaha XJ6s, got it lowered (now i love)

    My finance is a BSA fanatic and in Oct 2009 we decided to go on our first Rally in Torquey. On the Great Ocean Rd, my suzuki along with another BSA came to grief with a Ferrari = wasn't pretty. Since then i have lost a lot of confidence (and my passion for riding) - but i have only just got my confidence back, which means my passion is slowly catching up

    We are going to the USA in May for the BSA International Rally 2014, then getting married tacky LA style. Upon our return, we will be bringing me back a BSA BT 50 .. for me - my very own BSA = wish me luck on learning to use gears upside down and back to front >:O

    So in saying that, i am looking forward to: meeting new people, new rides and new experiences

    cheers to all :singing:

  2. Welcome to NR :)

    Are you hot?
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  3. no ... just old
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  4. Welcome to NR , we don't care what you are :)
    we just care that you are here....
  5. speak for yourself dude
  6. join in on the rides you and soon to be hubby will enjoy
  7. thanks .. have enjoyed a bit of a chuckle with these reponses
  8. Welcome to Netrider.
  9. Hi Selena, have fun with the gearbox. Ever tolerant wife and I hired a small bike (with USD gearbox) in Malaysia, she was so patient with the 2nd to 1st downshifts at speed looking to go for 3rd. Bzzzzzz thunk, helmet clash.(n)
  10. love the picture you painted Micky D for what i have to look forward to :D

    Thanks for the welcome George, Uncle Greg & NickVT400 ... as
    for Gurbachen = depends on how Melbourne's temperature gets as to hot/cold i can be :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  11. Cop-out!
  12. Welcome to Netrider... ;)