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Hi from Rhodes, Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jay.d, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Hey guys n gals, Jay here, I Recently moved to Sydney in January from the UK with my wife.

    A few weeks ago bought myself a bike, a black honda cbr 600 rr. I've had my bike license for 7 years but it had been 5 years since I'd ridden.

    I bought the bike second hand, that first test ride had me a little nervous...forgot how twitchy accelerating from a standing start in first was (a world apart from our diesel suv) and generally just getting used to not having the rear view mirror and tiny mirrors.

    After my first ride (home from the seller) I felt completely at ease and remembered how much I loved riding (gave up my bike when i started uni...finished uni and saved hard to get to Aus and promised myself when we got here I'd buy a bike).

    I use the bike mainly for commuting, of which I ride 75km to work and back south of Sydney. I know many might think that much of a commute would be uncomfortable on a sports bike, but weirdly I dont mind it, and since my first big bike was a honda cbr 600f I knew what I was getting into.

    My first couple of weeks had been uneventful barring a couple of near misses from folks trying to enter the lane I'm in whilst I'm in it....which I kinda expected given the standard of driving I've seen when I've been in the car.

    I got a puncture last week (rode home and thought the weird feeling when cornering was just the familiar feeling when stuck in a groove in the road along princes highway.....only when I got up the next day and checked my tyre did I feel it was flat).

    I replaced the tyre with a pirelli diablo strada, $164 fitted from trooper lu's in liverpool so was pretty happy (I'm a bit of a geek so googled reviews and found prices first). All was fine last week, took it easy the first few days....first day with new tyre was wet....but what the hell I bought it to commute rain or shine!

    This week the bike has been a bit reluctant to start, taking 3-4 attempts to turnover...which is a bit puzzling, the bike also completely cut out twice whilst I stopped at traffic lights part-way through my journey to work. So just thought I'd say hi here and try to find out where I can get a decently priced reputable garage to diagnose and fix the problem in the Sydney area (concord, rhodes...will travel further if they're good and/or decently priced).
  2. Hi Jay, welcome to Australia & to the forum. Also welcome back to 2 wheels.

    I have only good things to say about the mechanics that have worked on my bike.
    They're Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers at Hunters Lane in Hornsby. The boss man there is also called Jay.
  3. Hey Jay, welcome mate.
    Fine heritage, fine choice of motorcycle.
  4. Gday Jay in no particular order welcome to the Lucky country, netrider & bikes :]

    You'd have been luckier in Melbourne :wacky: