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Hi from QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Micky D, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. G'day, just a short hello. Seeing the burny hot QLD :dead: sun is cooling off for winter, it's high time to get my QRide and get off the dirt and onto the tar for some adventures. I've been lurking the new rider's forum and it's good to have found an Aussie forum for some local content;).

  2. Welcome to NR mate.
    Get that QRide out of the way man and get out on the roads for some rides and fun in the sun. :]

    Have you got a road bike yet or are you looking to buy one soon?
    If you are buying one do you have any bikes in mind.
  3. Welcome to NR, I am new also fresh from Q-RIde and new Bike...
  4. Welcome to both of yas......
  5. Thanks everyone for the welcome.
    Zenriki, I've got rego plates on my second hand KLX250. Plan on doing some 2hr rides around CQ, should be able to stay on backroads most of the time and stay in my comfort zone. Bought second hand as it was heaps cheaper and low km, one lady owner :]. it's got a few scratches but otherwise straight.
    Nick, Unfortunately it's one bike only so it has to be able to go bush, and cope with some bitumen. However, the ideal number of bikes is n+1, where n = how many you have. So long as s is not reached, where s + 1 = point of separation from wife :whistle:
  6. Cool, It's always best to buy second hand. I bought my Ninja 250r second hand and it's got a decent amount of scratches on the right side fairing but that doesn't bother me as I expect to drop it at least once before I get my open license and get a bigger bike.
  7. Welcome to the madhouse called Netrider.
  8. Welcome :]
    Where in CQ?

    Good to see us Canetoads balancing out the southerners :p
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  9. I am also a Queenslander and have a DRZ250 that is road registered. Still deciding what I will go to next but having a great time on the doctor in the meantime.....
    I am tagging along on a few dirt/ road rides in the next couple of weeks which will be a change from hanging with the cruisers and road bikes :)
  10. Howdy Micky D.
  11. Welcome aboard! Can't let the Mexicans have it all their own way.
  12. G'day to both the n00bs (OP and the guy who responded). Welcome to nUtRiDeR! :D

    @Kellieeclipse@Kellieeclipse can you please ask these two n00b guys if they're hot? I've been filling in for the ladies a bit too much lately in this regard, and people are starting to think I'm gay. :eek:
  13. ;)
    I still have doubts myself @danny_tb@danny_tb ;)
    So @Micky D@Micky D - in the interest of equality we need to know- are you hot?
    @NickVT400@NickVT400 seems you haven't answered that question either!
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  14. :pOh no... I think they got in to a huff and left the site. :p;)
    Too soon?
  15. Hot people never answer if they are HOT :)
    Hence I will never answer...
    and with 80 messages I can't be a noob can I ?
  16. I've only got about 2250 posts and I'm a spring chicken, so you're still a n00b. :p
  17. Fine !!! I am off to shine up all my chrome then :)
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  18. Is that a euphamism? ;)
  19. Got a bit distracted and found my way back to here. Nah not hot :). Typical beardy bloke with grease under the finger nails and a verandah over the playground.
    Thanks all for the welcome.
  20. @Fractalz@Fractalz Cheers, Gladstone is the closest set of traffic lights near me. I've been scouting Google earth for nice dirt roads to get places without too much highway.