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Hi From Polly

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by polly007, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    My name is Polly, I am a scooter ridr atm but hope to become a motorbike rider. Well small motorbikes because I am only a wee lass.

    I found this site by accident and I have some questions so I will find the right place to ask them. You guys here seem to know a lot som I'm sure I will get an answer.

  2. Welcome to the gang, hope you enjoy your stay

  3. welcome in :)
  4. Welcome Polly - where you located?
  5. Welcome Polly
    Make sure you use the search function, read the stickies in the forums you will post to as most of your questions will be answered.
  6. Hiya Polly. Yay, another girl. Excellent.
  7. I miss Pollywaffles, so Hi.
  8. Hi Polly from another girl. Dont let being short put you off eventually riding a bigger bike. Its got far more to do with balance than manhandling the weight. Welcome to NR!
  9. hi Polly, just done the same move. Rode scooters overseas and just graduated to a manual bike. Good luck and ask questions here!
  10. Welcome on board and I'm sure you will find answers to any motorbike related q's you may have.
  11. Welcome to Netrider Polly :)
  12. Welcome to Netrider Polls

  13. Welcome welcome welcome and welcome some more.

    Hop on a couple of bikes at the store and see which one suits you best, once youve got a selection ask around the forum for feedbacks from previous owners on their likes/dislikes/troubles and issues etc. Know also that you can get a bike lowered or the seats thined.

    Have fun, enjoy, and stay safe. From experience these NR guys are a very friendly and helpful bunch.
  14. Hi Polly ( I like petite women )
  15. Lol your keen arent ya :)
  16. Along came Polly - welcome Polly

  17. On that note, this Polly dont want a cracker, she wants her MOFO bike :). Good luck with your search!!