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Hi from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sil3ntr, May 5, 2016.

  1. Hi Guy's, New member here from Perth. I am still learning, probably a few weeks away from my License, currently shopping around for all the fun stuff like, gear and bike to get started.

  2. Howdy and welcome to the forum.

    Lots of helpfull advise on here - don't feel afraid to ask those stupid nooby questions - we have all been there!
  3. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. If you can wait for about 5 weeks you may get somethings a bit cheaper.
  4. Hi Eric, is that because of the Winter weather ? People start selling their bikes ?
  5. Bikes are not quite as popular in winter and are harder to sell. The dealer are also keen to move bikes and accessories because of end of financial year. If I was selling my bike I would be waiting for spring.
  6. Great advice mate, thanks :)
  7. Welcome welcome :cool:
  8. Welcome to NR..
  9. Welcome Sil3ntrSil3ntr !!

    As GeorgeO stated
    ... we've all been there before - so no pressure on the Qs! Most people will be happy to answer them.

    Happy new (expensive) hobby! You'll love it :)
  10. welcome aboard :)
  11. gday Sil3ntrSil3ntr welcome to riding and NR!
  12. Thanks for the Welcome Guy's, GeorgeO, I already have a very expensive cycling hobby, my wife will be thrilled with this additional venture into the petrol powered kind ;)