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Hi from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BillyBoof, May 19, 2015.

  1. Hey there, heard this forum was the beans so thought I'd stick my head in and say hi.

    Should be fun to hook up with like minded perthites and cruize the forums.


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  2. yep lots of fun here
    if you have the stomach for it
  3. Howdy BillyBoofBillyBoof, welcome to NR - temple of knowledge and house of fun ;)
  4. welcome aboard BB :] just be careful you don't stick your head out, at least to far to soon just like a ride around your favourite twisties you never know what's around the next corner or thread :wacky::wacky:
  5. Hey BB, good to have you and your beans with us
  6. Hehe thanks for the welcome, see you out there. Now to figure out how to post a pic of my bike.
  7. don't bother
  8. Ah hey there Uncle Greg, you must be a veteran of the forum! OK OK I'll keep my happy snap to myself and spend a bit more time getting the gist of the forum.
  9. sorry dude post away
  10. G'day Billy, welcome to NR. Let's see that bike of yours...
  11. Welcome to NR...