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Hi from NZ!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Farab, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hi All. I thought it best to come back here and formally introduce myself. I was surfing bike forums, came across this one and just wanted to join in, sort off missed the intro bit...sorry!

    I am in Auckland, NZ, hope its not a problem, as I quite like this forum and have already learnt a thing or two from it. I check it daily.
    There is also the possibility of moving to Oz one of these days. I have family in Oz.

    I have always wanted to ride bike since I can remember. Almost all the men in my family are bikers, I just have not gotten around to it for one reason or the other, untill now...

    I bought a not too seriously crashed VTR 250 and fixed it up. Quite a cool project. I absolutely love riding, should have done it years ago.

    Also interested in the Australian perspective, etc.


  2. Welcome Farab! :D Everyone is welcome here... i think.. no one has spoken to me since i joined...... :D
  3. Well, consider yourself spoken to then, M50 :grin:

    and Farab :) Welcome to NR!
  4. G'day & welcome from another "newbie" .. :)
  5. welcome farab to the forum
    :grin: :grin:
  6. :-w Was starting to wonder....

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Hopefully will get to meet you some day :grin:

    Thanks Vic, will get myself a copy.
  7. Welcome Neighbour.. Enjoy.. :grin:
  8. Welcome to Netrider Farab. How's NZ? Gotta get back there someday soon. I was born in Taupo - my Nana lives in Whangamatta and the Mahia Peninsula is chockas with relo's.

    Got any photos of the VTR250? Sounds interesting.
  9. Hi, thanks! Pretty crap weather in Auckland at the moment, pretty stormy last night. Going for my restricted today, hope the weather holds out. Other than that loads of twisties...
  10. yeah my freind who's from aukland says the best roads are there...
    theres hardly any straights and its all twisites....
    one day ill go there and test these nice roads out..... you have it nice over there hehe