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Hi from nsw

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TKiwi, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hiya, new on the forums from bankstown area nsw. going for my upright course next monday and tuesady so thought i would pop on a here and start reading etc.

  2. Hi
    What bike do you have ?
  3. lol i have a cr125. im getting my licence so i can ride bush legally but the long term goal is a ducati 900 ss. im looking for a wr250 at the moment then a caravan then a good road bike. my mrs is also doing her licence with me so im looking forward to it. i know its a bit premature coming on here but i love knowledge and this is a great place to satrt from what i have been reading. i am curious to know though, im 70kg so am i restricted to what size bike i can ride can i ride any bike from the LAMS list?
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    Nope, size doesnt restrict the LAMS list. Go get anything you want off the list!
  5. Awesome, thanks Tone2, i have never had my bike licence but back in the day in NZ i owned a GP125, RD250, RD400 and a RZ250, it was only a $55 fine for wrong class of licence back then and i got 2 tickets so i didnt feel the need to get one but now im older and wiser and hanging out to get back on two wheels on the road (legally)!!!
  6. Welcome to NR. (y)
  7. Welcome and good luck with the test...
  8. cheers guys, i bought myself a KAWASAKI NINJA 250cc ZX2R IMPORT today, cant wait for the licence now
  9. Welcome to the boards, and to the Ninja brigade :LOL:
  10. cheers paul