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Hi from NSW south coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by goddo, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Newbie to Netrider and a newbie to biking as well. Rode trail bikes as a kid (30 plus years ago) and have thought many times over the years about getting my bike licence. Finally have a couple of friends doing the same thing so here we are. Should have my Ls by the end of next week then it's time to do some gear and bike shopping. When you get to my age though you realise there's no need to rush...one of the good thing about having life experience I guess.

    Anyway, figured I'd best say hi. I've already found much good advice to be had in the newbie thread and look forward to learning more.
  2. Welcome mate
  3. G'day Goddo

    Welcome! Enjoy the Learner's course and gear shopping!

    Fun Ha!
  4. G'day bud and welcome
  5. welcome mate
  6. G'day and Welcome.

    How far south are you? The South Coast is a nice part of Aus I reckon :)
  7. Welcome Goddo, don't forget to give us some show and tell once you've bought the new toy!

  8. The south coast is a nice part of Oz...we're in Gerringong, at the southern end of the Illawarra.
  9. Welcome from another Wollongonger :)