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Hi from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RENSHELL, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. A new girl to the roads and loving it........i brought a hyogt250r, now dont bag me out boys :LOL: i love the bike,its huge and red (they say red is faster hahahah)....hope to see u guys on the road....... :grin:

  2. Welcome Renshell :grin:
  3. heya welcome. i'm the z750 black around belmont.
  4. Hope to see u around Livingstonest :grin:
  5. Hi Renshell!
    Congrats on owning a RED bike! I recently bought my first bike and searched everywhere for a red one in good nic & in my price range, ended up with purple, no complaints, but yes you will go faster on a red bike! :grin: I go faster in a crappy 13year old red car!!
  6. Hi Ya Renshell, welcome aboard, theres a few of us around Newcastle. See you around :grin: Look for something old and black and loud around swansea to to town.
  7. Welcome Renshell: Red bikes definitely go faster :LOL: At least the one's that zoom past me do anyway! Just make sure you are safe and fast and all should be OK.
    I live in Newcastle too. (All the best people do). Next time you see a middle aged bloke cruising past on a dark blue\black Kawasaki, make sure you wave and say hello :) :)
    We need to have another Newie riders get together soon. I work most weekends so I can rarely make it: but who knows, we might all find a day when the stars align: let's hope so.
    Stay safe and have fun :grin:
  8. Hi Renshell. Plenty of Novocastrians herein, although a few of them have gone quiet recently. You can usually find a few of us parked in at the old tug berths on Wharf Rd of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, including a few girls, so stop in and say hi if you're in the area. Also, keep an eye on this thread for an upcoming ride. It's a fairly big event on the local calendar and caters for all types of bikes. See you out there.
  9. Welcome. Glad to see another Newy rider and one on a fantastic bike. Check out my garage. :cool:

    Looks like theres a few new Learners around here, we should get a group ride going. :grin:
  10. BTW did you get yours from Graeme Boyd? I bought mine about a month ago from them, its in there at the moment getting the LCD panel replaced and its 1000km service done. Funny Ive been without it a day and I miss it already. :(
  11. Hi Sqaush......yeah i brought it from boydy's.......I had to take mine back after only doing 300k's cos somewhere in the dash was the worst rattle......They fixed it thankgod........I couldnt see ur garage...What are u riding and what colour is it????? :biker:
  12. cool bike squash...i just figured out how to see ur garage...........I tossed up wether to get black but ended up going with the red one.....Next is sports exhaust to give it a better sound and then black windscreen...... :grin:
  13. Glad to hear they fixed the rattle. They seem like good guys in there. Very happy with the service.

    I'm tossing up wether I should get the exhaust or not.
  14. Yeah i cant make my mind up on which exhaust to get.....You can get the hyosung sports for $490, but im thinking id prefer a yoshi or staintune....I have drilled holes in my stock exhaust and it sounds better, but i think it needs the sports exhaust.........The windscreen u can get from Eagle screens,they look cool........ :LOL:
  15. did you drill the holes inside the exhaust, through the baffle or on the outside at the tip? Just curious as I've read it done both ways, actually I think one guy did both.

    OH and what size drill bit did you use?

    Thanks for the info in advance. :grin:
  16. Hi squash.....
    We drilled a 20mm straight into the baffle.........Sounds better, but an actuall sports can would be better...... :p
  17. I did mine on the weekend, 16mm bit using an Impact Drill. Its all I had so no other choice. Sounds a little different but not that noticable.

    What I did do was start it up with the can off.....Ohhhhhh Baby \:D/ Thats the shit.

    My temp gauge still isn't working either :cry:
  19. Thanks for the infor Bugs. I will have to look into it further when I have time.

    Sorry for the hijack RENSHELL. :wink:
  20. No probs Squash hahaha :grin: