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Hi from newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by streetbikeJamie, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. hey all,
    Im Jamie from newcastle nsw,signed up about a month ago then a few weeks later went and got my learners then went out a week later and bought a 08 cagiva mito for my first bike....big fan of 2 strokes,also into quads and trikes (own a 85 atc250r and a kfx450r) that I ride at the local dunes most weekends but have not done much of since I bought my bike lol.
    anyways keen to get some riding buddies ha,getting pretty boring cruising around by myself (n)

  2. welcome mate
  3. Welcome.
    I used to hit the dunes out at the end of Lavis Lane in a Buggy and a trike.
    Also did Redhead to Blacksmiths and up the far end of Stockton long before the cops worried about it and there were restricted areas. Loved it!
    How do you find it on the road after spend time off road?
  4. Yeah it does suck about the restricted areas/rangers patrolling it 24/7 but I still have fun.Its a really different feeling on the road from offroad,its nothink like my trike.different kind of power,the bike needs a pipe...I took my trike out yesterday then came home to go for a spin on the bike.ha took me like 10 to adapt to the bike again.
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