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Hi, from newbie in Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by BlueMonkey, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I would like to say hello to everyone here on Netrider. I'm a newbie in the motorcycle world. I've just got my RE learner licence and planning to go through Q-ride and get my licence to ride. Good idea? I found a couple of places in Nerang doing the Q-ride courses. Any suggestion?

    Motorcycling is not going to be my main mode of transport, but I like the idea of going for a relaxing ride over the weekend-- early morning on rather quiet roads up the mountains for example. :)

    I would like some advice on my first bike please.

    I am 185cm tall and weighs 80kg. My budget is $4000 for a second hand bike. I do have an old lower back injury from playing soccer and it plays up whenever I sit down for too long or in a wrong way. As mentioned above I like to ride short, relaxing trips and certainly not an aggressive rider by miles.

    I do like the looks of sports bike but the riding position might not suit my back. I think the upright position of riding a cruiser might be suitable?

    I've done a bit of look-around and the Suzuki Intruder 250LC, Hyosung GV250 Aquila EFi and Honda VT250C caught my eyes (I saw these options from another thread here on Netrider). Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thanks once again and wish everyone happy riding and have a good day.
  2. Welcome!

    Did you look at Suzuki GSX650F LAMS version? With your hight it should be fairly easy to ride, has upright position and goes well. I didn't look but you might be able to find one close to your budget.
  3. I'm thinking that if you're not commuting, where running cost can be important, go for something bigger than 250.

    CB 400 is more upright than a Sports bike, too, and lots of people seem to love them.
  4. Welcome

    I'd agree with the Honda 400, but that might be out of your budget range; LAMS bikes hold their value too well.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys.

    Had a look online and thought I should increase my budget to around $6000. This should give me much more options.

    I had a look at Honda CB400, VTR250 and VT400. All very nice LAMs.

    I think ultimately I'll have to go to the showrooms and try sit on these and see how they feel.
  6. Hi and welcome to the scene - sure you will enjoy.

    I am about the same size/weight (lower/higher) and same back problems as you, with two discs removed a long time ago. At that point motorcycling was my only form of transport and found that it did more good than harm - strengthening the core muscles. I was on the sports bikes GPz900R, ZXR750 and had no problems at all.

    After cruising around the UAE on Harleys, I can safely safely say that cruisers are not for me - always ended up vibrating back to the one seating position and just as uncomfortable as ever.

    As mentioned in other threads though - different strokes for different folks as far as the back troubles go, so would suggest trying different bike styles, if you get the chance, to find what will suit you.
  7. Welcome to NR. I did my RE through AMA in Nerang and I had a blast, they made the process really easy and enjoyable. :) Definitely check out the CB400, I rode one as a loan bike for a few days while mine was being repaired and was huuugely impressed. They're an awesome bike.
  8. Hello and welcome, choywh.

    Suggestion - TopRider.
    Declaration of interest: I am a half trained semi instructor for them, with an ambition to become a paid employee there at some point. I know the quality of what they do. I know the commitment and dedication they have to giving the best training they can. I'm not likely to be your instructor, but I may be the silent assistant and observer up the back, setting up the range and carrying chairs and stuff.
  9. Welcome (y)
    +1 for AMA. I did one-on-one training there, it's a really well-run operation and my instructor (Andrew) was great.

    Maybe have a look at some the older naked 250's; early VTR's, Zeal/Bandit/Hornet/Balius. Comfortable upright position and within your price range
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    I recently did my QRIDE AT Stay Upright, Nerang. Was a 2 long days, small group of 2 riders and the instructor was great. From memory it was about 600 and I passed all the assessment first go after not riding road bikes before thanks to the advice I got there.
  11. Welcome to NR. (y)
  12. my first bike was a honda vtr250, great bike to learn on :) i definatly reccomend it

    my current ride is a hondavt400 not as easy as the vtr250 but a great comfortable bike