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Hi from newb in Balmain

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HoneyRyder, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all. Just joined up and will probably read more than I contribute, but time will tell. Just got my L's a month ago and have been riding to work in the city and had my first longer ride to Palm Beach on the weekend. Riding a stock standard (at the moment) CBR250R. Partner also rides - he's on an Aprilia Tuono with a lot more road time than me, but very supportive of my learner status and newness to riding.

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  2. Hi HoneyRyder, and welcome to this varied and sometimes bizarre website. If your partner has a bike, you have a big advantage already.
    Should be fun for both of you getting out'n'about on the weekends.
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  3. Partner is currently in a leg cast which is due to come off on Friday, but that hasn't stopped him :wacky: Looking forward to many weekend expeditions to come.
  4. but everyone wants to know - Are you hot?
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  5. Hey HoneyRyder,

    Fellow Balmain rider here!

    Let me know if you need a partner to ride with while your partner is in a cast ;)

    If you and your partner don't mind others joining in for a ride, let me know. Always keen to ride with others on the weekends!

    Welcome to NR!


  6. I hope he and the Aprilia have mended well. If you get out onto a quiet empty country road sometime, you could try out his machine, just for a few km, for educational reasons only. :D
  7. With that forum name she must be.................
  8. honey rider was the name of one of ze old bond girls was it not?
  9. Welcome to NR, @HoneyRyder! We're a friendly bunch.

    LOL @ Are you hot question. It's been a while I haven't seen this Q pops-up here, or maybe I''m in the wrong forum? ;)
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  11. dont mess with a hungry girl with a big knife