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Hi from Mythy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mythbuster, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. New here ..looks good ..got all I need ..Bike talk and bike pics..

  2. so....are you hot?


    what bike ya got? or looking to learn soon?
  3. Not just bike pics
    Welcome :).
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  4. :bolt:

    there goes Mythy... never to be seen or heard from again...

    p.s. WELCOME! :angel:
  5. 8-[

    Always learning ..

    ..Bike Dl1000 with bling..

    39 yrs on bikes ...counting dirt bikes..35 on road continually..no stops or gaps..

    11 yrs as an instructor in Brisbane /Ipswich area...

    Licensing and Defensive Riding Courses.

    Hot ...no .....capable yes !

    Quote :
    there goes Mythy... never to be seen or heard from again...

    doubt it !
  6. So is there a group for Qld also ...if so where do I find it on here ?:angel:
  7. Welcome to NR. Nice to have someone so experienced on board.

    .. And we do talk about a lot of other things as well as you'll soon find out. :D
  8. Dude :eek:... your bladder must be busting :eek:


  9. Bladder bursting...no way !

    Any serious rider has a catheter inserted and an outlet next to the road...[-(
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  10. Ha, Lmfao Im a nurse and we used to get uridomes and do exactly that for footy matches and long rides. Just remember to drop to the back of the pack to piss. Some people just dont like to be splashed with urine. (go figure)

  11. Hi Mythy.

    You are taking a big chance there..... aren't you likely to be excommunicated for giving away U.C. secrets?
  12. Hello CC ....

    good to see some familiar names ...

    UC forum is pretty well stuffed...new format is awful ...
  13. There goes the neighbourhood...
  14. Bro Ross...nice to see some people meeting here on the level...
  15. OMG all these old people in here ](*,)
  16. OMG all these old people in here ](*,)

    I suppose it's my fault I said I was going here :grin:
  17. Nope, I've been a member since 2006 - but never came here much. I'm not convinced this is the answer, but I'll see how things go.
  18. Yes I have perused here before also ...nice to see you all here anyway..