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Hi from MrsBull

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrsBull, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Howdy all I am Mrs Bull. I ride a Triumph America.

    Have been riding for about 3 years now.

    looking forward to riding with some new people.
    I live Northern Gold Coast and love riding either North or South rides.

    I also am part of a group of women who organise Babe Raids (not a club just a weekend rally)
    so if you are a woman rider and would like to spend a weekend with other women riders please check out www.2wheelbabes.com

    if you have a ride going then drop me an email.

    see you round

  2. Welcome to NR Mrs Bulll. What's a babe raid? Nevermind, I'll look it up.

  3. I think she meant babe rides? Either way, what she said was funny :p

    Welcome MrsBull :D
  4. no i'm fairly certain she meant raids, being a female bull on a cruiser
  5. Do you choose the place to raid before hand or is it just random raids?


    Hello & welcome on board.
  6. I like bank raids personally... but i might be persuaded to do chick raids... sounds hawt ;)
  7. hey smelly pants, about time you joined.
  8. now that you have come here and advertised your website, i think netrider should go in your sponsors page??
  9. Heya all....

    I did mean Babe Raid

    our Raid is 2wheelbabes Babe Raid "getting the girls out" 2010

    and yep I will put you on our other clubs page as soon as I get my web page access fixed by Geeth : ) (who did try to do it yesterday for me but alas I lost the disc he gave me)

    Thanks for the welcome
  10. I'm up for a Babe Raid!

    Welcome Mrs B
  11. Welcome MrsBull!

    Babe raids and "getting the girls out" are things that will go down well here.

    Nice wheels you have there too!

  12. First and foremost, welcome MrsBull ! Here's wishing you many funfilled hours reading the forums, AND meeting some great folk.

    Now, getting the girls out...erm... I'm assuming you meant girls as in female riders and not erm...ummm... well... yeah, THOSE girls.... ? :woot:

    I'll ride up to the Gold Coast on a pushy just to see the latter !