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hi from mornington penninsula

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by trouble80, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Gday all, ive been lurking around this site for months now and though that i would finally say hi.
    Only been riding for about a year, currently riding a vstar650 but looking to sell it so to get something a bit more sporty.
    Is there much difference between riding a cruiser and a sports bike?
    anyways hopefully ill get a sunday off soon and join in on one of the newbie rides

  2. Welcome trouble, look forward to seeing you out there...
  3. welcome to posting on Netrider :).
  4. Welcome Trouble, lots of nice roads down your way.
  5. Hi and welcome..=D> I have been riding for three weeks now. first of all when i was searching for my first bike ,i was steer toward the cruiser because it offer a relax riding position. But i was told it be too hard to pass your P. So i decided to go for sport bike instead..2011 Cbr 250. Even thought it a mini sport bike..the seating position are upright and there is no stress on my back and the arms are relax as well. I love the feel of riding the sport bike even thought it lack power..it very easy to ride...Good luck on your next choosen bike...keep on riding...
  6. Here's 'trouble' :D Welcome mate !
  7. Welcome trouble.

    You could have gotten a cruiser and gotten your P's at a place which provide you with a bike to do the test on. But never mind. You chose an excellent motorcycle.
  8. Welcome mate there is a world of difference between cruisers and spots bike.
    Quicker steering, higher foot pegs for ground clearance, not as long, quciker steering etc.
    Cruiser riders will no longer nod at you.
    What are you leaning towards?
  9. Hi all
    Bikes on the wish list at the moment are
    gsxr 750
    vfr 800
    cbr 600

    all depends on what i can sell the vstar for as that will be my budget.
  10. I never go looking for trouble, honestly, it just finds me.

    Welcome aboard, mate.
  11. Welcome to NR.
    Or you could split the difference and go with a naked. Something like this maybe?
  12. Hi and welcome to NR

    Yep. People don't laugh at you behind your back when you ride a sports bike :LOL: