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Hi from Mildura, VIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ezza, Mar 24, 2010.

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  3. ya gotta wait a FEW minutes before people reply, :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider, we're happy to provide what help we can.

    (Counselling after buying a bike sight-unseen is not included).

    But, seriously, unless you are really tiny, the 250 should be ok for you.....
  4. Hi Ezza and welcome to NR.

    Would have replied sooner but some of us have to work for a living :LOL:

    When you first get on a bike they all seem heavy. Partly cos you are using muscles you may not have used for a while and they may need to build up; partly because you are not used to it and tensing up with all your movements and partly cos you are probably doing things the hard way.

    Unless you are really short, maybe give it a bit more time before you sell the bike again.
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  6. YAY a girl rider up my way TOOT TOOT

    Welcome! what sort of bike are u thinking of buying at your new " first" bike?
    Im In Bendigo so if you are ever heading down this way let me know ;)

  7. photos or your fat :D
    jks ezza, welcome to netrider :)
  8. You may be able to set the preload to lower the suspension a tad. You may also be able to buy lowering links if the bike is capable of being lowered that way. You can also get the seat shaved or redesigned to suit. or maybe have some extra sole height added to your boots. The first two may affect handling the last two won't.

    However I am only an inch taller than you and am tippy toes on my beemer which weights in close to 100kg heavier than the hyo. At first pushing it around and picking it up seemed hard but as you get used to it you can do it. It is mostly technique, especially picking up a dropped bike. (Search and you shall find)

    The legendary Brownyy (see brownyy, I resisted saying infamous) is shorter than me and his bike is quite a bit taller and he manages but again he had to get used to it.

    According to the sites I looked at the Hyo weighs in around 150 Kg. You may get shorter bikes but there aren't going to be too many decent road bikes which are lighter.

    But good luck whatever you decide.
  9. Hello and good luck with sorting the bike out.
    Would be up at Mildura on a bit of a jaunt this weekend but duty directs me down to Phillip Island!
    Hope to make it up to Mighty Mildura on the Murray soon.
  10. You will be surprised how quickly you get used to the weight of a bike. I am shorter and lighter than you and ride an 1100, my first bike was 130 kilos (Virago 250cc). Try to buy a bike with a low centre of gravity, then the weight wont be as much as an issue. Whatever you do get, happy riding and welcome to Netrider from a fellow lady rider.
  11. welcome to Korider Ezza :)

    Shame your getting rid of the bike after you have spent so much time and energy in getting t going again... Was good seeing the progress pics over at korider :)
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  13. Hi Ezza and welcome (back) to Netrider.
    Best of luck with your future bike purchase ~ great bike you have in mind and if you manage to make it to some group rides, I'm sure you'll be feeling comfortable on your 2-wheeled-weapon in no time !
    Safe riding and happy bike hunting (y)
  14. Welcome! :D Whoo more girls!

    (Incoming wad of text)

    I've only been riding for about 5 weeks myself and I'm a bit shorter then you with a busted wrist so I can relate on having troubles moving the bike around. I myself ride a Kawasaki ZZR250. Which is a good height, I can have both my feet flat on the ground when sitting and there is a bit of room for me to lift my butt off the seat as well flat footed. The weight thing you get used to it. Infact you prob won't even need to push it once you get more confident in riding.

    I used to have to get my housemates (3 guys all at 6ft or above) to help me get it in and out of the shed as the grass in front isn't level from all the cars parked there from the wetter months. And now even my housemates broken Subaru WRX STI parked only a meter from the entrance I can just ride my bike(Very carefully) out of the tiny gap the bastard left me. So it will come all in good time :)

    I hear the CBR's are great little bikes. They just go for ever! Make sure you take us some pics of the little beast when you get it :D
  15. Welcome (back )Ezza.
    The CBR should be a nice, easy bike to learn on and get your skills and confidence up. You have some seriously hot days up in Mildura so enjoy getting out and about lot's.
    As Kitju Kat said, make sure you post pics of your new bike when you get it.

  16. welcome back :D
  17. Big event up in Mildura this weekend. Our much loved Peter Guest, told me this on the phone this morning. Something to do with motor cycles and a fundraising thing. Pop along and give Guesty a hug from all of us down south.
    Am sure he will be the star!!!
    and enjoy the event............
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  19. Well there you go! You got yourself some wheels, how excellent is that!

    Don't worry about the $$$$, poverty is owning a bike....and and owning horses!!!
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