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Hi from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dgat, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Found this forum recently when I was looking for bike reviews for a new rider.
    Great stuff here, lots of info and tips - given me alot of stuff to read and take with me in my new riding life.

    I Used to ride bikes as a kid on a farm over 30 years ago, never riden on the road. From what I hear and read I reckon the herds of cows were more predictable and more inteligent than the herds of cars I'm now dealing with.

    Bought my first bike, a new Suzi VL250 this week. Talk about excessive pucker-factor riding it home from the showroom! Best thing was a mate took me to collect it on his own bike and shepharded me home - let me concerntrate on riding and not on directions/speed, that was invaluable. Still on 'L's and going for my licence next week.

    I'm now one of those older big blokes riding a small cruiser bike, wearing a bomber style leather jacket, feeling the part if'n I don't quite look it. If that gives you some laughs - great. Life may not have been meant to be easy, but it sure as s__t should be fun! :LOL:
  2. Haha hey dgat!
    Nice post. Welcome to NR. I agree, it's a great resource for all riding-related info. Hopefully you (and i) also get to know some of the people on here.
    Good luck :grin:
  3. Welcome ... & all the best getting ya license with a weeks practice shake.

  4. Hey Welcome to NR and Riding

    nothing wrong with being an older rider
    both Phil and I got our licences late in life and there is a lot of others on NR in the same boat

    wont take you long to pick it up and feel confident in yourself
    the only thing you wont become confident in is car drivers :LOL:

    Phil grew up mustering sheep and he reckons the cagers remind him of sheep, unpredicable
    while I was the cattle musterer the same as you

  5. lol i second that i rode bikes when younger on french island (and cars hehehe had to stand though).
    hey MG thats not far from the truth my great great aunt was dorothy Golding from the USA ( born Melbourne) was still riding her pink Harley be4 she died at age 83

  6. Thanks for the welcomes folks.

    I reckon mustering should be part of all riders training. Sheep/cattle/cars - all got the same herd mentality: "Theres a hole, lets ALL go for it!", or "Me first, you shift!", or "Hey, what you doin, thats my spot!"

    I don't call it being cynical, I prefer the term 'realist'

    And speaking of older riders, my mother-in-law (80+ years) saw my bike this morning, smiled and asked when can she go for a ride! Said it reminded her of her first true lover when she was a youngster.
    The reaction to my new life has sometimes surprised me
  7. Welcome aboard.. :grin: