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Hi from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by usmaan, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Hi All, Coming back to riding after 25 years.....common story with most of us returning riders I guess.

    Was looking at a few machines till I saw the new Moto Guzzi Eldorado. Red, Black & White walls....the rest fell in place itself. I am looking at getting upto mark with all the information here.

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  2. Welcome mate :cool:
  3. Welcome to the forum mate
  4. Welcome to NR and welcome back to 2 wheel life!
  5. I'm hearing you! Welcome usmaanusmaan, classy machine!
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  6. Welcome to NR
  7. welcome aboard :)

    Nice looking bike (y)
  8. Welcome mate
  9. Welcome and hooray for returning. :)
  10. gday usmaanusmaan and welcome to NR - if my lotto numbers come in I'll be getting a Guzzi also, very nice!
  11. Welcome to nr
  12. I'm from Melbourne too! New to NR heard about it from some other riders and thought it sounds great.
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  13. Welcome mate, post up your own new thread in the welcome lounge and you'll get better response....
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  14. Howdy PJ09PJ09
    You'll find lots on this site and quiete a few people that ride regularly and groups. Keep your eye out on the events page under your state.
    Have fun!
  15. Welcome back to the land of the living mate
  16. And a warm welcome to you too...
  17. Thanks Valvoline, netrider looks like a very active community and I have already seen some great discussions about riders around Melbourne.
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  18. Welcome. It would be good to get back after many years away. Stay safe and enjoy
  19. Hello! I love Melbourne. I lived there for a while)