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Hi from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Locnah, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Hi all !!!!

    New rider from outer NE Melbourne suburbs here. I have always been into bikes but never got the opportunity to own one as the 'oldies' didnt like them. I had a health scare a couple of years ago and decided to stop listening to other people who had no idea about bikes, and to be honest, no idea how to live. I got my L's around a month ago and now regret not giving everyone the finger and getting on one YEARS ago.

    I'm around 6"2 so I was looking at the Honda cb650f and Kawasaki er-6nl. I went with a 2015 Kawa as it kinda reminded me of the late 80's kx models that sacred the shit outa me when I was kid watching them race around Broadford. My only complaint about the bike is that I cant stare at it whilst I'm on it : ). I found it to be very much 'middle ground' between say the cb500 and cb650.

    Planning on attending the learner gatherings in Melbourne and just flat out drilling anyone that will talk to me for skills and tips. I see there is a session at StKilda, are there any out NE suburbs way ?
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  2. Welcome and congrats. Nope none in the NE but we have all the best roads here lol. Also a few riders who, I'm sure, would be happy to escort you down to Sat practice. And from there into some group rides when you're ready,
  3. Thanks chillibutton. Ive been out past Diamond Creek a couple of times on a weekend but cannot keep up with most of the guys out there. StAndrews, Kinglake, Kinglake West and round to Whittlesea looks like fun....one day : )
  4. Welcome aboard :)
  5. Welcome! Same boat as you, late bloomer to the road bike licence cause parents *shakes fist*. 25 now and getting my Ls in May :) parents are filthy about it, but adults gonna adult. Got some experience with dirt bikes though (y)
  6. Late bloomer lol. Many here getting into it for the first time in their 40's, 50's and even 60's. So that makes you a relative kid by comparison!

    Enjoy, and don't let your mum have a go on your bike like I did way back when when I was 16 - she had never ridden and promptly put it into the fence!
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  7. Welcome to NR
  8. Welcome LocnahLocnah
    Sounds like you're hooked. Enjoy.

    Also, if Elwood is too far, maybe you can find a local mentor(see the mentor thread) or at least someone nearby to ride with and pick up some tips.
    Whereabouts are you based ?

  9. I guess :p a lot of people just go straight for the bike licence these days I've found. Definitely feel more confident riding on the road after nearly 10 year exp driving a car though...
  10. Welcome to NR and life on two wheels.
  11. The road from Kangaroo Ground through Christmas Hills out to Yarra Glen is the classic learners road out that way. 80k speed limit and for the most part bendy rather than twisty. (one hair pin near the end)
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  12. Shit is that an 80 limit....?
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  13. Only in the bits where the cameras or highway patrol are
  14. No cameras there....
  15. Yeah, you can speed up from the 50 you always do along there.
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  16. Welcome LocnahLocnah. And Jane DeauxJane Deaux. The northeast of Melbourne is a great part of the world for bikes. Head up to Kinglake from St Andrews only when you are comfortable in corners, that is one of the twisties roads around. and Jane DeauxJane Deaux, you're a young spring chicken! :)
    As twistngotwistngo says, Yarra Glen is a good road to learn on, but if chillibuttonchillibutton is out, you might have to pass the slow bugger.
  17. Otherwise known as Watson's Creek.
  18. Welcome!

    I'm a noob on here too, got my bike two weeks ago. I'm also in NE suburbs, also 6'4" am already looking at rearsets and how else to get the bike right.
  19. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I've had the bike for 3 weeks-ish now and just about to tick over 600k. I followed the Kangaroo ground - St Andrews rd around to Heidelberg Kinglake road on Sunday arvo.....I held on so tight with my legs on the Hurstbridge side of Heidelberg Kinglake Rd, thats a BAD section. Ive driven up Kinglake enough times to know I need to get my positioning right and my head up looking through the corners correctly before I attempt it.

    Rode past an old guy who MUST have been in his 70's on some kind of early looking race bike with old leathers and an ear to ear grin. The bike was immaculate and he looked awesome !!!. Was tempted to chase him and check out the bike but decided not to interrupt his ride. Kinda regret that now.

    Interested in peoples views on rider etiquette - I nod at EVERYONE regardless of bike and pull up next to every bike I can (if they dont filter) and say g'day. Had a guy on a Harley laugh at me though : /...what ever....

    Petesul - gotta watch out for the roo's up there I met a huge one near St Andrews. Damn thing just stood there and watched me as I rode around it.

    Jane Deaux - your spot on. Its by far the best defense we have on the road. You can almost predict what some car drivers will do particularly in peak hour.

    Diff - interested in this as well. Something to take up with the guys at the learner days I reckon.