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Hi from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dedmn80, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Well a little about myself. I started riding at 5 years old with an italjet 50cc from there at 9 with 2nd degree burns from losing the tail and the exhaust landing on my knee i had a break f4om riding. Moved to an mc19 cbr250 when i was 26 and loved it. Then I upgraded to a 1997 rs 250 motogp edition and never felt another bike like it. After that sadly i sold it when i had lost my license due to speeding and never renewed my bike license so now i am stuck with lams and fluro vests. During my time without a license i did the naughty and got a cbr600f3 which was fun to ride but ended up doing the right thing in the end and got rid of it and baught 2 mc19 Cbr250r's which i built 1 as they both did not run. Still have it but needs a bit of work, i recently baught a 1989 vt250 spada that was dropped and repaired it. Decided to make a few changes to it so instead of the factory Italian red paint while repairing the tank and a new front fender, i decided to paint it ferrari corsa red and run gold honda wings with gold on the tank and spada decals on the ductail to set off the wheels. So now i use the spada as a daily and enjoying every moment of it. I suppose i would be interested in a few rides when i gain my restricted license this Wednesday afternoon. I am a qualified mechanic but changing careers and now start back at tafe tomorrow at holmesglen to do engineering fabrication and still tag along on car cruises with a few classic car clubs, really funny to see 2 wheels in amongs the toranas, chevs, xys and the panel vans. Well thats me in a nutshell and look forward to the ride

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  2. Hello and welcome dedmn80dedmn80. Commiserations on having to ride with an L plate wearing mandatory clown hi-viz! I'm in the same boat, but hey, I haven't been riding all my life :) Would love to see pics of your handy work with your Spada when you can upload in Showcase!

    Best of luck with your oncoming licence test and with your studying. Mechanic, future engineer, bike rider, classic cars lover... Life is good ;)
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  3. G'day dedmn80dedmn80 and welcome to Netrider. That's quite a history of your motorcycling career. Won't be long and you'll be off your Ls!
  4. Welcome to NR..
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Thanks all and yes i will get pics up of the bikes as soon as I can but need new fairing for the cbr
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