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Hi from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Murty, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. #1 Murty, Sep 1, 2014
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014

    I'm new to these forums and to riding bikes on the road. I'm a 26 year old (married) man from the Eastern suburbs in Melbourne. I spent a year back in 2011 working on a sheep station and spent many months mustering and doing water runs on a thrashed Yamaha Ag bike, but loved it and got to know pretty quickly how to pull the thing to pieces and reassemble it again.
    Now being married and working from home, I'm keen to get back on the bike again and go for some rides around VIC.
    I got my licence a couple weeks ago and have been working out the financial viability of actually buying a motorbike purely for the purpose of joy-riding (as well as owning a couple cars - seems excessive for 2 people).

    Knowing that I'll have to have a LAMS bike for at least 3 years now that the laws are changing, I'm keen to get something cost effective and solid that I'll enjoy riding for the next few years as well as keeping its value.
    I have eyed off the 2013 CFMoto 650NK and test ridden it - great bike, but didn't love the mirror positions and am conscious of it being a newer bike (faults & parts) and how much it may depreciate over the next few years.
    So at the moment, I am pretty keen on a 2013/2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300, but need to test ride one to see what it feels like.

    On top of that, I'm still yet to get the gear (helmet, gloves, boots), so I've got some hunting and researching ahead of me!

    So great to be here, I'm looking forward to getting in amongst it all!

  2. Welcome aboard Dan.
  3. Welcome aboard.

    I've just got my learner's and a new bike in the last week. I got the new Honda CB500F on finance for a about $100-110 a fortnight, so I've lined the repayments up with the pay cycle where I work.

    What does the wifey think of the idea of you getting a bike?
  4. Thanks guys!
    It took a bit for her to come round to getting my licence, so that was step 1. She's happy for me to get a bike now, but I'm just (with as much wisdom as possible) trying to weigh up the financial side of getting a bike.
    This very much is a hobby (of which I don't have many), so naturally its hard to justify several thousand dollars to buy a bike and gear.

    What bike do you have lonrad?
  5. Welcome Daniel, Gear will last you a long time generally so the cost is spread out, I know it doesn't seem like it when you have to pay up front. :)
  6. I've got a Honda CB500FA
  7. Welcome to NR....
  8. Welcome to the excitement of riding, and the chase for the machine, and gear, and such, AND to Netrider. Spring is a good time to get started, just beware of drivers sneezing with all the pollen in the air, and then saying they didn't see you :LOL:
  9. Welcome :) Have to have a hobby of some sort, and many hobbies are pricey. I used to scuba dive; that wasn't cheap either.
  10. Welcome Dan
  11. G'day Dan the man! Is your Mrs hot? You should get her to come down to the Saturday practice session so @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg can give her a cuddle! :roflmao:

    wElCoMe To NuTrIdEr! :wacky:
  12. welcome dan are you hot :wacky:
  13. @Jeffco@Jeffco I am a part time model...
  14. Welcome Dan,

    @Jem@Jem and I are from N-wad so if you are feeling a bit funny when you first get out on the road, we're only next door and might be able to tag along on some short runs after business hours. I would be happy to escort to a Sat practice too. I'm yet to get down and meet everyone.

    Good on ya mate, you'll love having a bike. Don't waste too much time trying to justify it financially, just make it work. You wont regret it.

    Now remember, just because you got a thumbs up from the Mrs to get the bike, it doesn't mean you have free passes. Sunny outside, hey might go for a ride. Crap, the Mrs has different ideas.
  15. Thanks @Kewish@Kewish! Presuming I get a bike and have some available, I'm keen to meet up with some other people for some rides, do you know of any groups (non drug & weapons based :p) in the eastern suburbs that go for rides occasionally?
  16. Lol, no I don't. I only know of drug and weapons ones sorry. I don't get out often on a weeknight either, with full time work, distance degree, distance diploma and a wife. Keeps me on my toes. I have been on a Sunday ride with some of the blokes from Netrider which was awesome and they 'usually' happen every week. UG has a Sat ride after practise.

    Like I said, happy to make exceptions to rules so I can tag along on some weeknight rides. Especially with daylight savings just around the corner.
  17. Yeah, thats it! I'm looking forward to some evening rides when the sun starts to hang around a bit longer
  18. Hey Dan,

    Welcome, keep us posted on how you go getting a bike.

    I am in Nunawading as @Kewish@Kewish said. Happy to tag along to get you started even if it is just keeping the cars of your tail so you do not need to worry about them.

    Saturday Practice as mentioned is the best place to start and more than happy to give you an escort in.

    Cheers Jeremy
  19. Thanks @Jem@Jem!
    Just wondering what the Saturday Practice is all about - I've read about it a couple times, but don't know any details.
  20. @Murty@Murty


    See here - https://netrider.net.au/threads/saturday-10am-basic-skills-practice.115150/

    Thread goes on a fair bit but details on first page are still current. It is run by Dave and Doug who will have forgotten more than I will ever know about riding a bike. It is in the big car park behind the BP at Elwood so safe environment to practice in. Doug and Dave set up cones so you can practice your basic skills etc.

    There is also a ride afterwards aimed at learners.

    Give me a yell on 0400 119 628 if you want to know more.

    Cheers, Jeremy