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Hi from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hammer Time, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I am considering getting myself my first bike if I can get it past my wife :)

    I have joined to get a better understanding of what's needed/involved etc to make my transition into riding that much easier.

    I am looking forward to scanning through all posts and doing as much research as I can to further my understanding. I already have all my gear, just need the bike lol

  2. Welcome and good luck with the missus.. a bike is a bit big to sneak past her.. but it's do-able!! ;) Maybe you need to start wearing your gear around the house.. she can see how sexy ATGATT is (y)

    What bike are you interested in?
  3. Is she interested in two wheels? I got mine interested in a Vespa tour 'round Italy & took it from there. I'm having fun, she thinks I'm regressing, everyone's happy...
    Just do it!

  4. welcome to NR.
  5. If you carry any extra weight on you at all.. ATGATT just gives you the stay puff marshmallow man look.. (or his darker toasted cousin depending on the colour of the gear..)

    Im not sure if its going to help all that much..

    That being said.. investing in the gear is quite a large lump of money spent.. it would be silly to waste it and not get a bike now.. maybe this is your only option to convince the wife.. :)
  6. Good luck with it. Welcome to NR.

    If you want to meet NRs, and ogle lots of different bikes, come along to Saturday Learner Practice, with or without bike. There's a thread for it. Be aware that bad weather may cause it to be cancelled, so wait for the go/no go from Hawklord or GreyBM on the morning.