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Hi from Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rhondahonda, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I'm new to this whole motorbike thing :biker:

    I'd love to get my motorbike licence and a Honda CB125E this year :)

  2. You're gonna love it!!
  3. yep, it's fun, it's legal and it puts a unique smile on your dial

    oh, and welcome to Netrider; we've had lots of ladies join us of late (y).
  4. Hi Rhonda, welcome to NR. If I can learn to ride you can do it too. Lots of fun, you will love it.
  5. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi Rhonda and welcome. Even if you are without a bike come along to the Saturday morning practice. You can chat to like minded individuals and ask them why they chose their particular bikes and sit on some to see what suits you.
  7. welcome Rhonda, cjvfr has a good point, maybe BEFORE you decide on your bike, pop down, talk the owners of different bikes and see what you think, either way, like us, you'll end up with a huge smile :)
  8. Welcome Rhonda, another vote for cjvfr's suggestion. I see you are asking for opinions for the CB125 in another thread. Well the Sat morining sessions are like a showrooms for (many) LAM's bikes so come on down and get some unbiased advice. Actually probably not unbiased I am sure everyone thinks theirs is the best :)
  9. Welcome to NR. :)
  10. Hi Rhonda and welcome to NR